Kenworth W900 Review

Kenworth W900
Just lately American Truck Simulator finally got a new truck, and not just a truck, but true American classic, what's all been waiting for from ATS. And the name of it is Kenworth W900. Let's see what kind of beast is it and how to drive it.

Tuning Kenworth W900
Once I finished downloading the update I immediately went to the game and two minutes later I was in the Kenworth auto-salon, setting up my shiny new W900. So, what do we have? We have an excellent highly detailed 3D model, completely standard, for American Truck Simulator, tuning set: 3 types of cabin - Daycab, Sleeper and Aerocab Studio Sleeper, 5 options of bumpers and mudflips, and two for every other accessories. There isn't much sense talking about paint jobs much - they're all on the same highest level. There is a couple of new ones for Kenworth W900, so you won't be disappointed.

The differences are all in the variants of the chassis. We have 4 of them. Moreover, when choosing larger fuel tank is now really displayed on the external chassis. A big plus, compared to what it was before.

Cockpit view
When I was finished with the settings and tuning, I finally hit the road and immediately begin to feel the power hidden under the hood of our W900. The interior looks perfect. The same, already familiar to the works of the masters from SCS Software, great quality and attention to detail. It is just comfortable to drive sitting in the bueatifully detailed Kenwroth W900's cabin, and isn't that the most important thing in the game like American Truck Simulator? Another difference between Kenworth W900 and other trucks in the game is a beep. Finally it is really similar to the powerful mechanical beep of a truck, and not on what was in the game before.

On the way
Another plus: developers have finally managed to fix a bug in which, when adding a new truck, it did not appear among the traffic, until SCS Software released another patch. How many times we face it in Euro Truck Simulator 2? At the same time the developers finally managed to do everything right. Applause!

In General, the new Kenworth W900 turned out perfectly. It would be a bit more tuning options, but I'm sure all this awaits us in the future. Stay tuned to our website, so you'll never miss anything interesting about American Truck Simulator.

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 2016-02-24 10:27:03

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