Advanced Trailer Coupling System

Advanced Trailer Coupling American Truck Simulator
Big update for American Truck Simulator is getting closer every single day. And every single day there are more and more information about it. And here we are, today the new Advanced Trailer Coupling system has been announced!

The new system will significantly complicate coupling in the game and will force you to put your manoeuvring skills to the acid test. But it is better to see once that to hear a hundred times. Fortunately, the developers also thought so and released a trailer of the new system:

The new coupling system will be completely optional: it can be turned on or off in the game's settings. Do not overestimate your strength - a new realistic coupling system isn't for beginners!

Let's have a look at the differences betwee two systems. Standard coupling system leaves you plenty of space to maneuver while supplying a truck to a trailer. You can drive up to the trailer from an angle, at a tangent, and you just need to out the kingpin approximately under the trailer's coupling and then press a single key and you're done. Nothing complicated.

Point hitch of a trailer and a truck American Truck Simulator
The new system includes a full physical collision simulation of the kingpin and fifth-wheel - you'll expirience the same as a real truck driver. As you may guess, a completely beginner will just scare away from the game and it is unlikely he will return. That's why developers left the standard system is enabled by default. But they did not forget about the great community of experienced players who never tire of asking of more realism - a new coupling system that can be easily enabled in settings, should satisfy them. For now.

In addition to the new realistic coupling system, the developers have added additional visualization when attaching a trailer.

Nice to see that in the pursuit of expansion of the target audience, the developers did not forget about the hardcore players. By the way we also think about you, regularly adding to our database mods for American Truck Simulator. All so you can enjoy a variety of ATS gameplay.

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 2016-05-19 09:03:09

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