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Kenworth T 680
Some news about American Truck Simulator in anticipation of the release of this long-awaited simulator. This time we will talk about the most important thing: about trucks that will be available in the game. Developers delayed this information for as long as they could, because all the information could (and still can) be changed at any moment, and only now, just before the release, they decided to share with the fan community the information about this important gaming issue.

In the past year, SCS Software uploaded many screenshots and videos showing some of the trucks that at that moment was in development. Fans of the game did notice all the smallest details, building a lot of different guesses about what awaits them in the release version of the game.

Until recently, developers' plans included the addition of four trucks in the release version, and this is what all the screenshots we have been saying. Unfortunately, negotiations regarding licenses from truck manufacturers and bringing all the trucks in proper form before the release demanded more time and effort than expected. You might notice that some of these trucks no longer appear in the latest screenshots' packs.

As a result, sadly, a release version of American Truck Simulator will contain just two trucks.

Thanks for the PACCAR group for support - we can count on that the Kenworth T 680 and Peterbilt 579 trucks will appear in ATS immediately after its release.

Peterbilt 579
SCS Software still doesn't lose hope. After the release of the game and as it gets into media spotlight, in their hands will be a great tool for negotiating licenses for trucks - a hopefully successful game aimed at the appropriate audience. Such negotiations are never simple. To obtain a license of this very specialized you just don't came in and get it. Unlike car manufacturers who already have some experience in the use of their cars in various racing games, for most manufacturers of heavy trucks is a totally unexplored territory. Developers constantly have to find ways to establish contact with manufacturers and access to the decision makers, marketing and licensing, and getting your voice noticed isn't easy. And American Truck Simulator in playable shape and in the hands of players around the world will give SCS Software the most important trump card in the negotiations.

When the game will finally be on the market and when developers will be able to prove that their content is popular among trucking fans, they hope that manufacturers will finally begin to give importance to their words, realizing that the collaboration with SCS Software completely in their interest and perhaps even starting to hurry up the developers, in oreder not to be left behind and to make their products exactly turned out to be in American Truck Simulator. For SCS Software has similar experience with the launch of the Euro Truck Simulator 2, when the efforts of fans do the whole trick and the majority of European truck manufacturers who completely missed the game during its release.

There have been some almost completely finished trucks awaiting only the license of the manufacturer, and within a week or two after the release the developers hope to achieve it and begin to add them into the game. Of course they will be available for free, as part of the regular updates, as it was in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Kenworth W900
Kenworth W900 appear in the ATS due to PACCAR.
Peterbilt 389
Peterbilt 389, also, will soon appear in ATS thanks to a license from PACCAR
And now small announcement: all the machines that you'll see in the screenshots below, added only in order to illustrate the developers' goals and do not give any guarantees that they will ever appear in the game. These models and the screenshots were created solely to negotiate with manufacturers. As you can see some trucks are already almost ready to be added in game form, while others are only half ready, but still with the possibility to start their integration into the game engine.

North Los Angeles
Beautiful truck, shot somewhere North of Los Angeles
Golden Gate
Another beautiful truck, moving through the famous Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco
Screenshot of another cool model, but not yet finished truck
Meanwhile, SCS SOftware does not forget about Euro Truck Simulator 2. Despite the fact that the last time they upload a ton of screenshots of American trucks, the developers don't want their European fans feel unwelcome. So this fresh teaser screenshot of a new truck, soon to be added to ETS2, need to raise their spirits.

Renault Range T
Renault Range T shot somewhere in the South France
Well, let's hope that American Truck Simulator is going to be like Euro Truck Simulator once was - truck manufacturers will realize the benefits of their collaboration with SCS Software and we will have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the best American road monsters. You should just not remain indifferent to the fate of your favorite games and the developers plan undoubtedly will pretend to be in life!

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 2016-01-28 09:37:27

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