American Truck Simulator and World of Trucks

American Truck Simulator and  World of Trucks
American Truck Simulator is about to release on 3 February and the developers rightly decided that now is the time to think and discuss plans about how to integrate the game into the universe of World of Trucks.

The developers plans to plug in support screenshots download and install custom license plates on your truck, right on the day of release. They expect that shortly after the game's release, a huge number of coolest screenshots will be uploaded to the World of Trucks service. The editorial group of SCS Software is constantly overworked, examining a huge number of really cool screenshots submitted by other players every day, so it is very likely that the guys will have a hard day when they will need to choose some of the best screenshots for loading screens from American Truck Simulator from thousands sent in by players.

However, the developers expect from the World of Trucks much more than just a kind of gaming Facebook with millions of screenshots and, of course, they work in this direction. Since the release of "Contracts" for Euro Truck Simulator 2, the player was transported more than 4.8 million tons of cargo. Of course, this feature will be available, and American Truck Simulator, but first and foremost, developers need to ensure that the World of Trucks network infrastructure will be able to work correctly under such a heavy load, so access to "Contracts" for Amercian Truck Simulator will be available in the first patch after release.

At the moment SCS Software works on the improvement of Contracts function and, in particular, on the opportunity to view and select the contracts directly from the game, without having to visit the World of Trucks' site. It will make the game much more comfortable and functional. However, despite the fact that some features will be integrated into the in-game interface, the developers consider it important to maintain them on the website, and their also working in this direction. They plan to create a superstructure on the basis of "Contracts" - the Virtual Trucking Companies or VTC.

goodbye Refined Identity
Yet another small novelty is the imminent disappearance of World of Trucks achievements "Refined Identity" (in which you only need to completely fulfill your profile). One of the reasons is the imminent release of a completely new, more granular system of privacy settings for users on the website, but the main reason for the disappearance of this achievement is the reason purely technical. Developer's server infrastructure become larger, the majority server-side script begins to run in the cloud and the current system becomes increasingly expensive and ineffective.

As a result, this achievement will become the so-called “Legacy Achievement” and will no longer be available to obtain. Since February, developers that will tighten up in their server database and you will no longer be able to earn this achievement. But if you already have or you will have time to receive it before the first of February, it will remain in your profile. If you do not see any reason to play the game, if you do not have all the available achievements then you have only a few days. Hurry up.

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 2016-01-26 03:23:21

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