American Truck Simulator review

American Truck Simulator review
Yesterday was the release of American Truck Simulator. Our analytical Department, in the person of your humble servant, have already played this game and now, finally, it may be more or less coherent opinion about the new product of SCS Software.

So, what is the American Truck Simulator? After starting the game, create a profile (there is new icons!), deliching (because of needlessness) the tutorial and perform the first basic tasks (take the small cargo to the next street for 250 greenbacks), I decided to take a more serious mission - drive building materials from Reno to a small town of Winnemucca, in the middele of the Nevada desert. I should say that American Truck Simulator is practically no different from its predecessor Euro Truck Simulator 2. The view is nice, there is a real feeling of immersion in the game world and a great gaming radio will not go away (unless the station has changed, 'cause we're in America), in short, I just want to say that ATS, probably not a standalone game, but kind of very large-scale mod for ETS 2. Good or bad - we'll see, because the developers have already promised us the sky with diamonds and with milk and honey shores.

First impressions

First impressions
So, having received from the agent a sparkling new Kenworth T680 I hit the road. Trying hard to keep irritation from fines for running a red light and traffic jams (there's realism for you!) I got outside Reno and went into the sunset, carrying so much-needed by residents Winnemucca building materials. And you know what I say? It was great! Wonderful feeling of truck driving, great country music on the radio, the endless, sun-drenched desert on both sides - in short, the real spirit of America, what we see it in movies.

inside View
Yes, SCS Software have not changed their traditions, retaining the same high-end gameplay, as it was in Euro Truck Simulator 2. These two games are similar as two drops of water. System of leveling and skills are not changed. Even the interface has remained almost exactly the same as in ETS 2. By the way, in the release version of the game lazy localizers of the game didn't even bother to replace, in some places, the words "Europe" with "America". Guys, are you serious?

Differences-that is?

Speaking about the differences between the game from its predecessor, I want to mention the increased amount of road traffic. Maybe I just have something wrong with memory, but on the streets and highways of virtual America are much more cars than in virtual Europe. Also there is a lot of very steep aerography for each truck in the store - looks great! Interface has some changes, but very small, just a bit. Small changes have also affected the system of dynamic lighting in the game. As for the rest, there's not much to say. Perhaps the developers simply do not have to invest all of the upcoming changes to release version of the game, afraid to "spoil the surprise"? Well, let's hope. However, had SCS Software ever disappointed us?

Community's opinion

Main menu
The view of the community, by tradition, are divided. More impatient (and apparently younger), or simply not familiar with SCS Software and their games, players were extremely dissatisfied with too great similarity between American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, a small amount of content (2 state and 2 trucks) and the fact that future DLC will have to shell out hard earned money. Despite the fact that the developers openly warned about this and announced the state of Arizona as a free DLC to the release version.

"There are 50 States in USA, great truck history. In American Truck simulator we have just two states ( 4% of USA map ) and TWO trucks . Omg. when I started game first time I felt like I playing demo version. But dont worry , DLC map coming soon! just 10€ each.

Game is not wroth money at the moment. You should wait for dlc maps and buy complete version later.
But how long will it take them to create the entire map if make the two states took them two years ?"

bprzdyt with
Well, it is understandable. Who wants to pay for each individual state a half the cost of the game? However, the majority of the player community not so hurry with conclusions. Those who remember how Euro Truck Simulator 2 was developed, know about the licensing problems and difficulties with the game world expanding, with extremely limited resources, understand the need for a paid DLC and gradually adding content, especially for such a small Studio SCS Software.

"I you compare ATS to the few years old DLC rich Euro Truck 2, you can say its small. But remember Euro Truck how did it start? Same small. I gave 10, because of the future which ATS is holding. And the game itself is great. "
FritzVonBischof with
They see a great positive trend, which, knowing the reputation of SCS Software, in the end will make American Truck Simulator worthy successor of ETS 2.

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 2016-02-04 09:20:39

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