BeamNG Drive Update 0.5.3

BeamNG Drive 0.5.3
Finally there's BeamNG Drive version 0.5.3. This update contains a huge number of very significant changes, more of which we will tell you in this article. So what the long-awaited update is all about? There is actually a lot of new, but let's talk about it all in order.

Let's start with the most important changes:

  • Implemented the engine temperature somulation.
  • Now when you reload the car, it stays at the same place and in the same position.
    Updated spawn machine
  • Added various surface types models and improved physics.
    Improving surface models Improving surface models


  • Display of temperature condition: simulation of temperature in different engine's parts, blocks and liquids such as coolant, oil, cylinders, engine block and exhaust manifold.
  • Improved damage model for radiator and coolant leaks, malfunctions, cylinder head, piston rings and connecting rod bearings.
    Improved damage model
  • Improved graphic and sound display of damage: steam running while overheating or radiator damage, exhaust smoke, engine knocking sound, evaporation of the engine during warm-up on winter maps and much more.
  • Dynamic display of exhaust and power peaks of the engine.
    Dynamic display of exhaust
  • Deeper configuration of jbeam files for radiators, oil cooler, damage thresholds, different types of radiators and different materials of the engine block.
  • Added Thermal Debug, to display temperature conditions, showing warnings and errors.
  • Implemented a dynamic fuel weight: the weight of the fuel will change, as it will be consumed by the engine.
  • Minor improvements for dynamic (vehicles) and static (terrain and obstacles) collision.
  • The amount of consumed memory for static collisions reduced by 20%.
  • Added consideration of the airspeed is based on instrument data and allow the game to fairly accurately determine the vehicle's true speed.
  • Added direct gearshifts for auto mode.
  • Added directionVectorUp to more accurately determine position of the camera.
  • Implemented calculation of the engine load in drivetrain.
  • The state of the exhaust smoke is now dependent on engine load.
  • Fixed some gravity calculation bugs.
  • Added new LUA scripts: getEnvTemperature() and getEnvPressure () working with calculation of environment's temperature and pressure.


  • ETK 800: slightly tweaked traction control, lightbar and added new wheels for version 856td.
    ETK 800 ETK 856td
  • 200BX: new paint scheme for the police version, improved shaft lock steering wheel Fixed machine configuration, added new version of "Demon".
    200BX 200BX Demon
  • Moonhawk: a new option "Custom Elite".
    Moonhawk Elite Custom
  • Barstow: some fixes version "I6", new variant "Nightsnake".
    Barstow Nightsnake
  • Sunburst: improved operation of the lock shaft of the steering wheel, the new version of "Drift Missile", new skins for options "Rally" and "Custom".
    Sunburst Drift Missile Sunburst Rally Sunburst Custom
  • SBR4: improved shaft lock steering wheel
  • Bolide: added factory graphics Civetta for 390 GTR, added oil cooler and racing variants of the car.
  • ’88 Pessima: added carbon fiber hood for the option "Custom", the Fixed form of a torpedo.
  • Roamer: added color finish body option and "Sport".
  • H45: changed the location of the spare tire, the rear wheel suspension has become more stringent.
  • Added oily radiators, as optional items for Sunburst, 200BX, Covet, ’88 Pessima and Bolide.
    New optional items
  • Added new wheels to Okudai PR01, in three colors and in different sizes from 15×7-17×9.
    PR01 Okudai
  • Added a new steering wheel for Legno Classico.
    New steering wheel Legno Classico
  • Now the body and frame of all cars it is a separate sub-parts. This allows you to replace the body Bibo frame without replacing the whole car - it is much easier to create different types of bodies for one car.
  • All machines, a feature was added that "Additional Modification", for easier modding.
  • Big changes in the mechanism of traction control. Now slip coefficient must be computed much more accurately.
  • Improved response of the engine to the CPT during the drift.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed not working scripts count win/loss.
  • Fixed inability to use certain features if you select "freeroam" after the script.
  • Fixed bugs with messages during boot.
  • Fixed a bug that final game was when the game demanded immediate action of the traction control system after you change the mode of the traction control.
  • Now error messages will no longer appear during the game, freezing it.

Artificial intelligence

  • Now instead of fewer longer road segments, the game will create a lot of little ones.
  • Bots will no longer use the brakes too often.
  • Improved bots behavior when escape.
  • Corrected a lot of mistakes, leading to strange behavior of bots.

Maps and scenarios

  • Fixed inverted normals in the tunnels on the map Jungle Rock Island.
  • Fixed bugs on map Hirochi Raceway.
  • Fixed a bug where the script sometimes Highspeed Highway was completed in 9 control point.
  • East Coast USA: the city now boasts new textures, areas and more detailed surface roads. Fixed bugs with navigation bots and other minor fixes.
    East Coast USA new textures East Coast USA new textures East Coast USA new road textures East Coast USA new textures roads
  • Added a script "Airfield Showdown" for JRI.
  • Added a script "Bank Robbery" for ECA.
  • Added a script "Intersection".
  • Added a script "Intersection 2".
  • Added a script "ECA Chase 2".
  • Added a script "JRI Chase".
  • Timings of some of the scenarios now meet all the change machines.

Function Nodegrabber

  • Added the scale to the weight that appears when the capture of the object.
    Updated spawn machine
  • Most objects weighing from a few kilograms up to 50 tons (use the mouse wheel to adjust power).
  • The power can be set both before and after you grabbed the object.
  • Fixed error in SSO Nodegrabber.

input Devices

  • Preliminary fix for gaming steering wheels. Improved performance of these devices.
  • Fixed a bug where some controllers left analog stick was blocked the traffic right.
  • Fixed bug with disabling buttons on the keyboard, after using the application UI.
  • miscellaneous fixes of keyboard input.


  • Added the minimap.
  • application Windows now displays its size during stretching.
  • A failure of important parts of the machine information will be displayed on the screen.
    Displaying information about the damage
  • New, more readable font in the settings window management.
    New font settings
  • The shift Modes have been renamed.
  • Added the time frame in the performance graph.
  • Improved control through the gamepad menu in Vehicle Parts.
  • Improved convenience menu Bindings (better colors, more tooltips, and more).
  • Added the vignetting on the loading screen and main menu.
  • Added new prompts and system messages.
  • Fixed some bugs of the interface and Windows.
  • Improved and optimized the operation of certain gaming devices.
  • Fixed a bug where the game did not ended completely, leaving its process after exit.


  • Game console now saves the history of commands after you exit the game.
  • The sound in the game is muted now if you minimize or put the game on pause.
  • Added support for loadable scripts for custom modifications: all scripts /*/modScript.lua or scripts/*/modScript.cs will now load.
  • Log cleared of wrong error messages.
  • Fixed several bugs in the editor and sound system.
  • Fixed some bugs in the Mod Manager.
And some other minor improvements and bug fixes. I hope this article was useful for you. Share your views about our work in the comments. And don't forget to look at our website for mods for BeamNG Drive. There you will find everything you need to properly test the new update.

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