Hot bugfix

After the release of the big update 0.5.2, 9 February, there is a fresh hot-fix that fixes some bugs of this big update. Without further ado, let's proceed to the list of fixes:

  • Fixed ModManager bug not activating mods in fly - so you had to restart the game. Now everything works correctly.
  • Interface: now the image appears correctly in the app and levelselect.
  • Now the interface, tools, and the mouse cursor will automatically disappear after several seconds of inactivity, allowing you to take higher quality screenshots.
  • Fix of gaming devices: SimXperience AccuForce, LUFA Joystick, Logitech WingMan Formula Force GP.
  • Minor improvements of artificial intelligence, improved police logic while patrolling.
  • Fixed the cruise control.
  • New screen saver for applications.
  • Fixed a bug where the car swayed back under braking in the "Real automatic". Hotfix - less bugs and more gameplay!
  • fixed a bug with sports tires 195/65R15, which exploded when spawne on the new wheels.
  • reduced the parameter "beacon attachment" for some machines.
  • ETK800: fixed issues with the exhaust.
Let's hope the developers will continue to release more and more new updates BeamNG Drive, with new cars, game mechanics and maps. We will follow the development of BeamNG Drive for you and provide you all the latest news, as.

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 2016-02-15 08:37:23

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