There are so mane BeamNG Drive updates recently. So in today's article we're going to talk about another one, the update

In the new update there are bug fixes:

General fixes

  • Improved static collision in some areas.
  • Added special notice about the incorrect installation of drivers for gaming steering wheels G25, G27 and DFGT.
  • Fixed time measurement while detection WMI devices.
  • Fixed bug when the cooler was very hot, and the rest of the engine remained cold.
  • Now the temperature of the cooler is displayed correctly even without a radiator.
  • Fixed ramp position in the Big Air Vanster scenario.
  • Added mapping values of damage to other parts of transport.
  • Fixed calculating logic of temperature of the oil at high engine speeds.
  • Improved the work of the radiator fan.
  • Fixed the message "Press TAB" when replacing your current vehicle.
  • Removed ability to change game speed in scenarios.
  • Increased number of pop-up tooltips.


  • Sunburst: fixed supports struts shock, improved stability of the Luggage compartment.
  • 200BX: fixed miscalculation of the characteristics and conditions of the basic version, calibrated tachometer.
  • Covet: fixed bug when, the silencer and the rear bumper is mutually heat each other, fixed tachometer.
  • '88 Pessima: fixed the steering, now the steering during drift began to work more correctly, fixed the name carbon hood, improved stability of the trunk, fixed the tachometer.
  • '98 Pessima: fixed the gas pedal, fixed the limit of the speedometer.
  • Grand Marshal: fixed the gas pedal.
  • T-Series: the hood is now disconnected properly, Long Haul now has a sleeper cab.
  • Roamer: fixes model damage, reinforced radiator.
  • Pigeon: fixed calculation of temperature.
  • ETK 800: enhanced door locks.
  • Burnside: fixed position of the steering wheel.
  • D-Series: amplified radiator.
  • H-Series: fixed weight, the rigidity and strength of frame, the rear part of the van is now more rigid and the opening mechanism of the tailgate. Amplified radiator.
  • Fixed bug with instability heavy wheels.
  • Fixed some parts of the machine with nodeOffset.
  • Lowered the temperature of the fan from 105 to 100.


  • Improved overall stability.
  • Added fixes for JRI.
  • Added fixes for ECA, including increased FPS in the game.
Stay tuned to our website to be always informed about the latest developments in BeamNG Drive. By the way, here you can find mods for BeamNG Drive that will help you to diverse your gameplay and give you a lot of pleasant moments in your favorite game.

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 2016-03-18 11:32:40

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