BeamNG Drive machinima

BeamNG Drive machinima
Maybe it's not too humane, but we all love to look at a car accidents. Why else would we play BeamNG Drive? Traffic and dash cams recordings are especially popular. You can find thousands of such videos in the Internet, but how many of these are based on the BeamNG Drive game engine?

YouTube channel DragCarTV makes a lot of cool videos about cars. On their channel you can find videos about BeamNG Drive, but also about other car games (e.g. Need for Speed). But now we would like to tell you about the two videos about BeamNG Drive, made so professionally that when viewing you sometimes forget that all this filmed in the game, not in real life. - CCTV Crash Compilation 2
The first video is called CCTV Crash Compilation 2. This Machinima shows the highest quality traffic cameras recording of cruel car accidents. Fortunately, all this happens in the game, drawn in virtual world and not in real life, where every such accident is someone's life and health. But look what kind of professionalism and attention to detail this video has! Bravo!

Ultimate Dash Cam Crash Compilation -
The second video called Ultimate Dash Cam Crash Compilation, and it's another great Machinima, simulating dash cameras recording. The accident looks very realistic and quite impressive, but the sound is a unique pleasure. Guys weren't lazy and add to the video the range of real DVR recordings sounds, so it all looks incredibly realistic. Great job. This is what a machinima should looks like!

Liked the video? Why not to try to make something simular? Use a maps for BeamNG Drive on our website - it should help. Do something worth watching, then send your creation in the comments below and we will tell others about your video in one of our's following articles.

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 2016-06-02 04:09:26

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