Update BeamNG Drive 0.5.6

BeamNG Drive 0.5.6 update
The next (and as usually extensive) update for BeamNG Drive now available! Many changes in graphics, gameplay mechanics, new car and more! Read the details in the article!

Many developers should take BeamNG as an example. While others produce little skins packs or don't makes updates at all, the guys from BeamNG punctually delight us with updates for BeamNG Drive. What awaits us in the BeamNG Drive 0.5.6?


  • New car: ETK K Series. This luxury sports coupe will bring you real pleasure from driving it and from destroy it. Check out the trailer of the new car, made in the style of automobile advertising.
  • Added SMAA Antialiasing.
SMAA Antialiasing for BeamNG Drive
  • New quick access menu: control the most important aspects of the gameplay with gamepad. The developers claim that this new feature is incredibly convenient and responsive to what is happening in the game.
New quick access menu for BeamNG Drive


  • Fixed a timing error that previously could lead to a bit of slow motion during the simulation.
  • Fire simulation now will use dynamic exhaust temperature simulation. Fires now occur less frequently with cooled engines.
  • Added possibility to run physics simulation at maximum speed.


  • Optimize CPU rendering for Forest.
  • GPU Optimization of transport using DX11 shaders.
  • Fixed memory leak with dynamic decals and tiremarks.
  • Optimized uploading UI for the GPU.
  • Fixed the FPS limit function.
  • Fixed the rendering of the skybox.
  • Fixed the bug where the FPS limit function was always enabled.
  • Added the possibility of modding the license plate.
license plate Modding in BeamNG Drive
  • Fixed bugs in vehicles files.
  • Optimized the generation of the decals on the TSStatic objects.
  • Improved launcher for the old OS.


  • New car: ETK K-series.
ETK K-series for BeamNG Drive
  • Three new disk.
Three new disk for BeamNG Drive
  • Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) can now be disabled on all machines on which it is installed.
  • the Door panel is now optional for Moonhawk and Barstow.
  • Fixed many minor bugs in jbeams.
  • the Official content of the game can now be recognized by a small icon.
Icons for official content in BeamNG Drive
  • Fixed a bug where Large Crusher did not respond to the hot keys set by the player.
  • Added support for analog input to the Large Crusher.
  • Implemented improvement ESC 2.0 (WIP). Now you will have much better control over how the cars behave during drifts.
  • Added new damage reports.
  • Changed the name from ETK800 Police Lightbar. Now it's called the Polizei.
  • 200BX: fixed a bug where drift tires become unstable too quickly.
  • Barstow: better Jbeam. Now the car will go more harshly. Fixed the understeer.
  • Bolide: Jbeam suspension was corrected for the understatement of the centre of gravity of the rear of the machine and achieve a more realistic understeer.
  • Covet: fixed a glitch with the self-destruction of the side skirt of the car.
  • D-Series/H-Series/Roamer: fixed problems with the behavior of the suspension after the jump.
  • Grand Marshal: fixed nestabilnosti with sport tires 245/50R17.
  • H-Series: fixed suspension.
  • Miramar: the front subframe was less inclined to bend, the machine frame has been strengthened. Other minor bug fixes.
  • Moonhawk: improved system of steering.
  • of the (89): fixed a bug where the rear bumper has become unstable after minimal damage.
  • Pigeon: jbeam front suspension has been redone. Reworked the mechanics of the rear suspension.
  • Sunburst: attachment of the wheels have become stronger.
  • the cameras for some machines has been redesigned to provide a more consistent vibrations while driving.
  • the Strength of the return movements of the steering wheel was standard on all machines. Changed the understeer at high speeds.
  • System of taxiing all the machines became more stable.


  • Added a tunnel on the map of Utah.
the Tunnel at the Utah map in BeamNG Drive
  • Added building of an abandoned mill on the map of Utah.
the Building is an abandoned mill on the map of Utah in BeamNG Drive
  • More details for Utah.

game Settings:

  • Added the option to use gamepads and other controllers even when game window is minimized.
New options in BeamNG Drive
  • Buttons for camera performance, now combined into one category in the settings.
  • Fixed not being able to configure keys for specific machines.


  • Navigation App is now configured (was in 3D and with the support of a large number of machines).
  • Improved display of damage to the machine.
Improved mapping of damage in BeamNG Drive
  • Added a visual display of the damage in real time.
  • Now the interface elements can be freely moved.
  • Added the sensor overhead.
turbocharger boost Sensor in BeamNG Drive
  • the location of the interface elements is more intuitive.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • New images in the main menu and boot menu.
  • Fixed TripComputer.
  • Fixed the Node/Beams Debug App.
  • Improved Unitsystem.
  • Launcher now has a simplified interface.
New launcher in BeamNG Drive


  • Added the simple chase for the AI modes.
  • Fixed AI that appears when the game is not zastavana machine user.
  • AI Now has accelerated through the use of Quad-tree.
  • New feature in Quad tree reduces the amount of required memory.
  • Added option Manual in the Destination menus Artificial Intelligence Control.
Setting Destination Manual in BeamNG Drive


  • New tools in the editor: "smoothing" and "align with mesh".
  • Added new feature: now you can make holes and tunnels in the ground and to ride them as much as you want.
  • sidebar of the editor became more widespread.
  • fixed the standard height of the side panels, now they are stretched to fill the screen.
  • Lots of sound fixes.


  • Convex objects now has a damage model.
  • Added subscription.
  • Improved function recovery machine (the button Insert): now the machine will no longer respawn up wheels.
  • the Physics of torque is now more accurately simulates the real.
  • Added option to hubTriangleCollision pressureWheels.
Share your opinion about the new version of BeamNG Drive 0.5.6 in the comments below. And don't forget to download mods for BeamNG Drive from our site, it's completely free, and the size of our base will satisfy even the most jaded gamer.

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