Hotfix BeamNG Drive

BeamNG Drive hotfix
Update BeamNG Drive 0.5.6 was released a few days ago, and there is a first hotfix ready for BeamNG Drive. Enviable quickness, isn't it?

BeamNG Drive 0.5.6 update has bring to the game some very serious bugs. Developers immediately rushed to fix them and that's what they did:

  • Fixed extremely long vehicle's loading.
  • Utah: fixed terrain creating spikes in the eastern part of the map and at the entrance to the tunnel. Fixed hole in the terrain.
  • Fixed some messages from libbeamng.
  • Improved support tool: added an extra field in the support request.
If you still encounter errors with BeamNG Drive, share them in the comments below. Let's try to solve them together! Also, don't forget about our's huge database of mods for BeamNG Drive, for access to which you don't even need to register. All mods available for all site visitors totally for free!

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 2016-06-07 07:26:31

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