Oculus Rift in BeamNG Drive

Virtual reality in BeamNG Drive
If you didn't know, we inform you that the era of virtual reality has already arrived. Each of you, of course, if you have enough shekels, can buy such a wonderful device as Oculus Rift and fully experience the brilliant virtual reality of our favourite computer games. Many of them fully support the use of bOculus Rift and you without any problems can tremble with fear in Alien Isolation, lose consciousness from the dizzying bends in simulator mode of War Thunder and feel in your own skin what it's like to get into a brutal car accident in BeamNG Drive. Although, wait a minute. The latter is just not so simple.

Yes, this is what we wanted to tell you. The developers haven't added to his game more or less user friendly functional connectivity BeamNG Drive to Oculus Rift, so we have to work on that. So, let's proceed.

We found only one method how to make BeamNG Drive paired with Oculus Rift. Perhaps there are others, but we know nothing about them, so will tell you only about the work of the program VorpX. This will be a detailed guide suitable and experienced users and complete "dummies".

guides on connecting Oculus Rift
First, what we will need is the latest version of software for Oculus Rift you can absolutely free download here.

We will need VorpX. This program costs $40, which is quite expensive, but believe me, the program is worth it. The fact that VorpX works directly with .dll files of the game and creates all the necessary for virtual reality effects (such as 3D reconstruction, position tracking of the head position tracking model, etc.), so that the program is useful not only for one game. It can work with thousands of other games and you will be surprised at how cool it runs.

To buy VorpX on their official website.

After you have finished installing VorpX, run it from the Administrator, try to run BeamNG Drive via Steam. If all is well run and loaded in VorpX you can move on.

Press "Delete" to bring up the menu VorpX. In the menu you get a few points, we need the item "3D Reconstruction". You can use the mouse, working with Oculus Rift to select this item, but we recommend to use the arrows on your keyboard. Under "3D Reconstruction" should typically be three paragraphs: Z-Normal and Z-Adaptive and Geometry. Geometry is the best of them, but it doesn't work in most games, including BeamNG Drive. At least, as far as we know. Since there is no set that contains information about which method may or may not work with BeamNG Drive a suitable method may not be. But you can try to fix it.

Open the root BeamNG Drive. We need to rename .exe file of the game in the name of some other game. The point is that some games already have the settings for VorpX, so that we can trick VorpX, making him think that we are launching another game. Not bad, huh? You can try the following options: BioShockInfinite.exe, Crysis/2/3.exe, Fallout4.exe, Bioshock.exe and others. Run the BeamNG Drive, trying different names until one of them finally does.

Once you get 3D working in BeamNG Drive, we can proceed to other settings VorpX. Start the game you will need to change the setting the 3D Separation to give the game the correct size. Configure the option so that all items in the game was such a size that they should have. After that should remain the two arrows in the top menu VorpX. Click on right. This will take you to a menu with graphs, like "Fix the Black Smear" and "Crystal Image". You can change these settings as you like, but make sure you set the correct IPD value in the bottom of the menu. If you are not sure or do not know what should be your option IPD, then just leave it as the default.

Proclimate several menu until you see configure tracking of head position. During the game you should have a button that allows you to freely look around inside the car. You need to set the head position as close as possible to the position for which you really look. Explain in detail: if you look right in real life, then you need to look in precisely the same direction and in the game. If the camera rotates too much - lower the value. If the camera rotates not hard enough - increase the value.

That's all! Now you should not have any problems with running BeamNG Drive virtual reality. Good luck!

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