BeamNG Drive version 0.5.1

BeamNG Drive version 0.5.1
Finally here is the next update for BeamNG Drive, this time to version 0.5.1. The update brings into a game alot of very significant changes, about which we will tell you in this article. And so we begin:

  • New car: Burnside Special
  • Added the sounds of the suspension for all cars
  • Added fully adjustable for racing and rally amortizatornye racks, including access to additional features of the absorbers, if present
  • Added the sway bars for some machines
  • Added additional pulse turbostroitel third level for Covet, ’88 Pessima, 200BX and Sunburst (desired value of parameter in settings menu)
  • Change 1988 Pessima:
    1. Added racing, rally and special versions of the machine, as well as 6 speed race and rally transmission, turbostroitel 2 and 3 levels, roll cage, mud flaps, protection for the bottom and rally strut.
    Drive me like one of your french girls!
    2. Added a second UV channel.
    3. The new intake.
    New intake
    4. Added a new leather interior (standard on ZX, GTz, rally and special versions).
    Leather upholstery
    5. Changed standard wheels for GTz options.
    New wheels
    6. Fixed strange lumps on the doors.
    7. Added new 5 point attachment for wheels, providing more options for customization of the wheels.
  • Changed the behavior of cameras in the cabin (now they behave a little more realistic)
  • Many improvements in deformation of the roof and roof racks
  • Added correct behaviour of engine protection for Sunburst Rally and Rally Covet
  • Reworked the rollcage to Covet
  • the Reconfiguring work of turbostroitel
  • re-adjustment of fire for most of cars, to correct improper behavior
  • fixed incorrect behavior of the parts in the D35 RWD
  • Added stiff suspension for front axle D35 RWD
          New suspension for RWD D35
  • Added heavy-duty frame machines D series
  • Added the limit of wear of the rear suspension for cars D and H series
  • fixed the location of the third brake lamp for pickups D series
  • Adjusted the model of exhaust for cars D and H series
  • fixed the position of the steering rack for the machines of H series
  • Added the interior with the ability to change the colors for ’96 Pessima
  • Now the wings of cars will be less prone to isolation
  • The Covet's wings was made more fragile
  • Fixed some minor issues in Covet suspension
  • the turbo Sensor in the T series machines will now work
  • fixed the location of doors for machines T series
  • Added new 4 point fixing for wheel has 200BX, providing more options for customization wheels
  • fixed the behavior of the carbon hood for 200BX
  • Added police unmarked variant for Grand Marshal
          New Grand Marshal
  • Optimized behaviour of glasses
  • Added more options of wheels
  • Fixed some bugs when otmetanie wheels
  • Fixed some unstable disk caps, wheels and tires
  • Added more textures to the front bumpers
  • Added more texture to the interior for most cars
  • fixed bug with non-working front light
  • the deformation of the cars now looks more realistic
  • Improved setup of the machine: more features.
          More options
  • Added the function buttons “Ignite Vehicle”, “Ignite Node” and “Extinguish Fire” in the app in debug transport
  • Added support for diesel turbostroitel
  • Scenario with a broken truck now and still uses a firing system for an even more quantity of destruction
  • Improved performance of Lua module
  • Added a tool support that helps the technical support of the game in resolving problems
          More options
  • Improved stability tires: fixed a bug with the deflation of the tire, causing physical instability
  • Optimized physical core
  • settings Files parts are now saved in more readable format json
  • improved the time to load.
  • fixed random illumination parts
          error backlight random
  • Fixed loading and saving settings
  • Improved sensitive control keyboard and mouse
  • introduced a workaround with third-party game crash.
  • fixed spawn custom particles
  • fixed a bug where machine could ignite in partial immersion in water at spawn
  • fixed the issue where the turbo was not shut off properly when the engine damage
  • Added debug information at too a slow start with some input devices
  • Small change in menu management
  • fixed the issue where under "Management" the user is shown only a certain amount of hotkeys for the current transport
  • fixed bug with game crash when you install the mod with spaces in the name of the zip file through Mod Repository
  • Now to the crash-report is added DxDiag file
  • Added the ability to save the data in the system Lua modules when you reboot with Ctrl+L
  • modified the message when a physical instability - the information will now be displayed correctly
Think that's it? No you can't. Here's another small gameplay video of the new Burnside car Special:
Oh and another thing, as a bonus:

Already looking forward to how will time after time to turn this fine example of classic 60's in a pile of scrap metal? Then I suggest you to have a look at our page carefully collected the best maps for BeamNG Drive. Then be sure to see the other pages BeamNG Drive section on our website - you certainly find something that seems interesting to you.

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