Another update for the unique auto-simulator brings many changes into the game. Of course, we hastened to acquaint you with their complete list. So, let's proceed:


  • fixed the "black terrain" in the render materials without normal maps
  • fixed "Mac crash" when you run the launcher
  • fixed bug with incorrect running 32-bit version of the game because of errors during the memory test
  • Reduced the required capacity of the video card when rendering shadow
  • Reduced the acne of shadows
  • User interface: added support for manually configured factory colors
  • User interface: added automatic sorting factory of flowers
  • User interface: fixed a bug where menu environment not reset to zero gravity and the parameter simSpeed
  • fixed bug with FFB ceased to work when rebooting or moving transport
  • fixed lag while steering
  • Improved the dynamic response of the steering wheel
  • Now AI drivers will turn more smoothly, much less breaking the steering rack
  • fixed bug with idle in some places sound
New features:

  • Added the ability to run a script by pressing on the pedal, the axis, or a button strip.
  • lazy loading of applications (including custom)
  • Added missing app Trip Computer

  • When view from the cockpit of all the cars the camera is now centered
  • Removed the tint from the windshield of all cars, added tinted glass on side and building some glass.
  • Added more colors to some machines
  • fixed differential locks on some machines
  • new "Beater" version of the Covet
Beater Covet
  • Added a few new colors for Moonhawk
There were also added minor fixes for BeamNG.Drive maps Jungle Rock Island and East Coast USA.

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 2015-12-01 10:38:03

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