New official paintjobs for ETS 2

DLC Hungarian and Turkish paintjobs for Euro Truck Simulator 2
About two years ago, developers of Euro Truck Simulator 2 - SCS Software did a little experiment, releasing a pack of skins for trucks, focused exclusively on the audience from the UK. They hadn't fully understood how much work will fall on their shoulders in every such DLC. Each of new paintjob should be available for all trucks in the game, and that means about five dozen individual graphic patterns in each DLC. Each of them must be configured and optimized to various forms and modifications of truck's cabins.

However, in the beginning it didn't look too difficult, at least for the first couple of skin packs, but now, with the advent of thousands of new files to keep eyes on, the task seems way less trivial. Creating one such paintjob DLC may take "only" a few man-weeks, but if you need to touch the truck's cabin 3D model, it can result in a month of rework of existing graphic models.

Hungarian paintjob ETS 2
The developers has a long time planing to eventually stop working on new skins packs, to avoid backing themselves into a corner with a huge amount of work that occurs every time the developers release a smilest change in the graphics or 3D engine. And so they never stop working, keeping game's ongoing development. But fans from countries that still have no paintjobs packs, constantly requests SCS Software to make one, so the developers decided that it wouldn't be right to ignore them.

A special department of SCS Software involved in the paintjob creation, produces true pieces of art that more fans could enjoy the graphical themes with the flag of their native country on their truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2. That's what really matters to developers. And not the profit from sales of such DLC. At least the developers themselves say so.

So, meet two new skin pack with the symbols of the countries where Euro Truck Simulator 2 has a huge set of loyal fans - Hungarian Paint Jobs Pack and Turkish Paint Jobs Pack.

Turkish Paint Jobs Pack ETS 2 Turkish truck model ETS 2
Both skin packs are sold at a more than affordable price - less than a dollar. They can be purchased through Steam.

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 2016-04-29 05:13:59

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