A bit of Rocket League in ETS 2

A bit of Rocket League in Euro Truck Simulator 2
Two such different games, Rocket League and Euro Truck Simulator 2, continue to cooperate with each other!

A huge number of loyal fans of ETS 2 are interested not only in the genre of truck simulators. If you compare Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Rocket League (the game that once again attacking the tops of Steam sales), we will see that these games are totally different. How can you compare a truck simulator and some semblance of arcade football at jet cars? However, audiences of both projects often intersect!

New accessories in ETS 2
If you, like many others, a fan of both games, you are in luck because now there are two new Rocket League-related decorations for the cabin of your truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2: a ball and a toy car that can be put on the dashboard.

Buy new decorations via Steam! Then be sure to check our website again, because we have gathered huge collection of the best mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2, each of which is carefully checked for viruses and available for download absolutely for free and without registration.

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 2016-05-04 06:35:22

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