New DLC Japanese Texture Pack for ETS 2

Japanese national skin for ETS 2
November 9, Studio SCS Software has released a new DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The addition includes a new set of textures for the trucks, which this time will be tied to Japanese subjects. The developers explain this choice a very large number of players from Japan (Japan is in the top 15 countries with the largest number of activated game accounts). The developers also claim that they are going to create texture sets for other countries covering at least 20 first countries from the list of the most active players. This means that in the future there will be many more exciting additions with beautiful textures.

Japanese skin with scales for ETS 2
The current set includes several design options. First is a simple texture with flag on the doors of trucks. Secondly it sets custom-full painting with traditional Japanese symbols, card mills on the back of the cab, set with samurai on the sides. Plus a very interesting performance of orange-and-white skin with fish scales that remind us of sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine. Illustration in a set of very high quality and made with love. The design is very nice - beautiful and yet unobtrusive. Trucks with such textures look neat and authentic. So if you like really Japan and want to Express your feelings in the game - this addition is for you. DLC can be purchased on the manufacturer's page on Steam.

Japanese skin with samurai for ETS 2
Perhaps to some this addition may seem insignificant and cause issues - but why SCS spends that time instead to work on developing and improving the game itself? This team already has the answer: graphic DLC deals a small Department of two talented designers and their work is unrelated to the core team, so the release of DLC will not affect the output of the main additions. Moreover the company claims that sell custom kits is not her main source of income and promises to keep prices at a minimum level to please their fans. So we can be calm and patiently wait for updates, enjoy the beautiful Japanese design of their trucks. By the way, you can download an interesting set of textures and from our website.

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 2015-11-10 09:22:46

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