Euro Truck Simulator 2 New Update

Update Euro Truck Simulator 2
Today we are glad to present to you one important innovation, which will be available in the next update for Euro Truck Simulator 2, version 1.22, - tyres grades. This innovation has long told by developers in their blog, but now the information appeared more specifics.

Based on existing European standards, the developers have tried to incorporate more realism in their game. Now all tires will have three main parameters: fuel efficiency, wet grip and the level of noise emitted. The game will carefully consider the characteristics of the tyres, so the same brand of tires will have similar settings in real life and in the game. Of course, the characteristics of the tyres will deteriorate after prolonged use or damage.

Painting tires
Also, Euro Truck Simulator 2 will now take into account the different tire size. If before the game expected characteristics of the tires (back then actually the whole wheel) just by it name, now, in addition, it will take into account the different size tires that will be specified when purchasing tires at the store.

Doing the tyre, developers also decided that it would be cool to add to the game feature that has long been a common practice among modders and moduser - coloring tire. Standard tires will have all the same dark gray or black colors, but for an additional fee you can paint different parts of the tyre (such as, for example, the logo of the manufacturer) in the color that you like. The game will be added a special widget, with which players will be able to choose the color of the tires.

New brands
The developers are ready to proceed to the final stage of testing. As usual, before final release, all players will get access to the update's beta through Steam gaming service - especially for those who can not wait to try the new gameplay elements. And by the way, is preparing the release of several new brands of tires.

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 2015-11-12 04:20:27

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