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Recently there isn't many news about innovations in the World of Trucks. However, in spite of all the latest releases and the development of a large update for Euro Truck Simulator 2, in the darkest and deepest cave of developer's office a small team of programmers still developing a network code, sets up the servers and builds economic models for future World of Truck functional. The project is still alive, however, according to the developers, the progress is very slow and many things that was planned a year ago, still isn't ready.

However, they clearly intended to catch up and prepare the first piece of information for the community on World of Trucks, and for us, of course. First, it is planned to introduce a system in which players will take the job on the World of Trucks website, to perform it directly in the game, and then get a reward (plus to the reputation and statistics) again on the World of Trucks website.

Having such a system, developers will be much easier to run special events (such as the delivery of Christmas gifts, if any of you caught the event). Thanks to the event system provided by the functional of World of Trucks the developers should be able to spice up the game for the most hardcore players involved in the game a lot of time every day. But this is only the beginning, such a system of "online work" will be the core of a new big update of World of Trucks, including a new reliable system Virtual Truck Companies.

Contracts And again
But so far, we have exact information only about pending gaming chips "first wave of updates". Namely Contracts - jobs that you can take directly from the site World of Trucks. In the form in which they now, Contracts is a cross between "Orders agencies" and "Direct traffic", which you could see in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Contracts can be performed on standard trucks and machines added by the mod. The passage Contracts will give you not only reputation in the community World of Trucks, but also the experience and the money directly in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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 2015-11-24 08:31:07

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