SCS Blender Tools 1.0 release

SCS Blender Tools 1.0
Good news for modders from all the Euro Truck Simulator 2 - there is SCS Blender Tools v.1.0 coming up! Two years of hard work it took the developers to release an alternative to the Maya modtool with the same functionality, flexibility and user friendliness. SCS Blender Tools v.1.0 supports the full process of creating all types of game objects: trucks, ambient AI vehicles, models, presets with support for all possible locators, including AI traffic, and so on and so forth.

Creating template
Even before the modders could create really amazing things, through the process of reverse engineering existing game formats and develop their own powerful tools. According to the developers, it is always gratifying for them to see how many great mods already out on their game and how much is on the line. Developers, however, decided to participate in this activity quite late - three years after the release of Euro Truck Simulator 2. Why they do so?

In answering this question, they say that first and foremost they believe in continuous development and great potential of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. They plan to develop and improve these games for many years, and combines with their World of Trucks functionality and other possibilities these games has a huge potential for modding.

However, equally important they consider the exploration of new possibilities and user-generated content. What Valve has done with their Counter Strike: GO, Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2 is a great source of inspiration for many developers. The possibility of cooperating with the fan community and integrate custom content into the game really opens up fabulous opportunities.

Here's a little pre-announcement: soon it is planned to introduce support for Steam Workshop, thanks to which the developers are ready to provide the best modders of the community to share their creations via the official channel or even make them a part of the official content of the game. But to even begin to plan such innovations, developers need to ensure that all such user content is created using a standard tool, the tool, which is under the developers' control, that they will be able to improve when necessary, that will also be used by the developers themselves. The modders know what game formats sometimes change when it is necessary to introduce the game new possibilities. It is conveniently, in this case, to wait for third-party software will be updated (if updated) after logging into the game these changes, if all officially supported mods should work immediately after updating the game? The question is quite rhetorical. That is why, for the introduction of official support for custom modifications the officially supported modding tool is needed.

So, what we can expect in the SCS Blender Tools 1.0?

what's New Blender Tools 1.0
Since its release, previous version of Blender Tools, the following features were added:

  • Extensive library of Shader presets, including all the necessary players
  • Full support for Prefab Locators, including import and export
  • implement a Material Aliasing
  • implement a system Material Flavor
  • a New system of warnings and error messages in the 3D view
  • Color adjust Shader will now give the same results in Blender Tools in the game
  • the card Support vertex colors (alpha)
  • Import custom normals
  • Correct processing of polygonal models with blackouts when you import
  • Proper treatment initially scalable skeletons
  • Show preview of the textures in the file browser

Where to start?

SCS Blender Tools - universal modding tool
GitHub Wiki - perhaps the most important part of the knowledge base SCS Blender Tools 1.0. Here you will find everything you need to start using the tool. There, you'll find links to download SCS Blender Tools and that should be very interesting for coders, source code, fully open access.

Forum the developers have created a special forum thread entirely dedicated to SCS Blender Tools. If you think you found a bug in the program, want to ask advice from other people, or want to share your knowledge with budding modders - you are here.

ETS2 Website, page modding - you can start with the modding section on the official website of ETS2. There you can find links not only on SCS Blender Tools, but also on all other moderski resources relevant to the game.

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