Fallout 4 first view

Fallout 4 First View
Finally Fallout 4 was released. Today the most awaited project of this year blew up the computers and consoles of millions of players around the world. And what do we see? We saw, as expected, both good and bad. The first thing that catches the eye and slips literally in every texture, in every movement of the characters, it's very familiar Creative Engine. With this engine Bethesda Sowftworks created his last masterpieces, such as TES: Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3. No need to say that the engine is a little out of date. Of course, the guys from Bethesda did a good job on the engine, but, as the saying goes, an old dog can't do a new tricks. All the same bugs, the same animations, the same polygonal model. All this impressed the imagination nine years ago, looked great five years ago, but now, in 2015, on that we can only laugh.

However, it is possible to understand the desire of developers to improve their own creation, besides, all these purely technical troubles should be more than compensated by the higher professionalism of the developers. Still it is the Bethesda Softworks. And waht the main thing in the Fallout series? Right! Atmosphere. The world is literally permeated with despair and covered with ruins of a lost civilization and populated by the feral descendants of her. Merciless Wasteland, living on his own, brutal laws. That's what has always attracted millions of fans of this game universe. Did Fallout 4 repeat the success of its predecessors? Let's find out.

At first glance, the game looks very impressive. Under the influence of happy thoughts about that great universe of Fallout once again opened its doors to us, at first do not notice anything wrong around. But then a careful look of sophisticated gamers begins to stumble on a small spoon of tar here and there, coming across this huge honey barrel, called Fallout 4. But let's start from the beginning. The first thing facing the player, starting a new game, is a character editor. And I can tell you: he is just gorgeous. An incredible number of options and other amenities, allow us to create almost any character face. What there to speak, just look at the screenshots:

Yeah, he beats his wife Where is the drowner? Who could that be? Such a lovely pair
With the editor figured out, put a plus sign. And immediately we are met with a kind Hello from a long-forgotten times. Namely: no working mirrors. Yes, you read that right. In modern AAA-project, which was designed by world famous Studio for millions of dollars and supporting the multimillion army of fans, no reflection in mirrors. Puzzled shrug. Because in the trailer we clearly saw in the polished side of the home robot beautifully reflected the interior space. Approach him and what do we see? Here it is:

For those who didn't get it, I'll explain: the casing of the robot reflects the living room, while we ourselves are in the nursery. Very nice, Bravo Bethesda. You were really hoping that we will not notice this? Put a fat minus in our list and move on. To do it without spoilers, we are transported immediately to Boston wasteland. It is worth to say a few words about the world. Deviate slightly from the graphic component, because it obviously is inferior to other projects this year. Let's talk about the atmosphere. And Fallout 4 is all right about it. Wasteland, here it is, all around us, hostile and vast, full of mortal dangers and fabulous treasures. And now it is our home. Or our grave. That's our luck sake. Look at these screenshots and tell me: isn't that cool?

Hey Skyrim, is it you? A - for atmosphere
However it is not all that rosy. The developers obviously did something clever with his game engine, we have the good fortune to witness something like this:

Permission ill Did you plan it?
The last thing I would like to say, this is a RPG component of the game. Because Fallout 4 is positioning itself as an RPG, although from a true, there is nothing from classic RPG. When we talk about role-playing component, we mean not so much the roleplaying, but much increased variety of dialogue, plot moves, the complexity of moral choice, which is put in front of the player. While we can't with all the objectivity to discuss this issue, because it is only a first impression of the game and ahead of us is tens of hours of fun (hopefully) gameplay.

That's all we have to say about Fallout 4. We won't act rashly, spitting and whining, like some other game "critics". But we promise to study in detail the game and to deliver unbiased, and most importantly an objective opinion. It all, now it's time to play, because the Wasteland itself will not win.

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 2015-11-10 10:41:52

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