The collapse of Pornhub traffic

The owners of one of the world's largest adult websites noted an almost 10 percent decline in their traffic, exactly coinciding with the release of post-apocalyptic RPG-shooter Fallout 4. In principle, there's not much surprising in such a situation: Fallout 4 tighten so much that it is hard to break away even for doing the most natural needs of the body. Pornhub owners reacted to the situation with humor.

According to the President of Pornhub, Corey Price, they are not surprised by the situation. Moreover, as fans of the game, they would have gladly spent the time on the radioactive wasteland of the Commonwealth. It's nice to see how a computer game unites people all over the world. Let's hope that the damage done to the such a wonderful website like was not too large.

In conclusion, I must say that this situation is not uncommon. The release of each so anticipated and expensive project of the gaming industry is affected without exception all areas of our lives. It illustrates how computer games have penetrated into almost all spheres of our life. It optimistic enables us to believe that video games, as a new art form, will have even more significant growth in the future than we can see now.

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 2015-11-23 09:33:02

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