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Wasteland survival guide
It's been almost a week sine long-awaited Fallout 4 was released. We've spent about 40 hours on post-nuclear Commonwealth and today I, not enough sleep and tired, but happy and determined, finally ready to provide you with these useful tips for survival in the Wasteland. But don't worry, I tried to save this guide from all the spoilers, in order not to spoil your walkthrough Fallout 4. So, let's proceed.

General tips:

  • Sell Fusion Cores to traders when their charge drops to a minimum. You get a lot more caps for the Fusion Cores in which there is at least a little charge, than empty.
  • If you find an opponent in power armor, it would be wise to try to sneak up on him and steal Fusion Cores of armor. The enemy will be forced to leave armor, becoming an easy target, and you will get undamaged power armor.
  • Perk Lone Wanderer will continue to give you bonuses if your companion will be a Dogmeat.
  • Leaving the power armor, bring a Fusion Core with you. In this case, it is unlikely that anyone will want (or be able) to steal it.
  • When hacking the computer, look for the symbols [],(), <> and {}. Doesn't matter what is between them. When you click on the left bracket, your hacking attempts will be renewed.
  • You'd better always carry a weapon for any type of ammunition. Thus you are much less likely to be completely out of ammo.
  • Some companions can pick locks and hack terminals for you. For example: Kate is a smart picks locks, and detective Nick is not a bad hacker.
  • In the game there is no maximum level, so don't be afraid to spend skill points. The level of your opponents does not grow along with yours, but they will become stronger and stronger, until you will move to the South of the map. In the very South of the map there will be a 50 level opponents .
  • To order a companion to wear armor or weapons you want, highlight the item in the trade menu with a companion and hit "T".
  • Sprint, power melee attacks and actions in V. A. T. S. using the Fusion Cores charge faster than normal running or just standing in the same place.
  • Fast Travel in power armor does not consume the charge of the Fusion Core. You will still be able to use fast travel, even if the charge of your Fusion Core fell to zero.
  • You can zoom in the Pip-boy by pressing the right mouse button.
  • When working in the terminal, instead of many times to click TAB to exit, hold down TAB and you will leave the terminal much faster.


  • You do not need to scrab all your stuff to get resources from it. The game will make it if you move the stuff to the warehouse in the workshop. To do this, go to the shop and press the "R" button, then, in trade menu, press "T".
  • You can produce your own adhesive, by Vegetable Starch with Corn, Tato, Muttfruit, and Purified Water.
  • If you want to rename your weapons, add hyphen or a space before the name (for example: -gun name) and it will always be at the top of the list of weapons in your Pip-boy.
  • All weapon upgrades you replaced, remain in your inventory. They can be sold or put to another weapon.
  • By analogy with the previous tip: to remove the sight from the rifle, replace it with the standard sight and enjoy the improve one in your inventory.
  • If the weapon is equipped with improvements that you can't create, you still can install it on another weapon.


  • In the construction of the buildings you can raise or lower it by holding "E" and rotating the mouse wheel.
  • While construction you can slide the workbenches, using the "E" instead of dismantling them.
  • You can remove the radiation around the Starlight Drive dismantling the barrels and the car wreks.
  • Water purifiers, traders and farm store items and cap they produce to the warehouse workshop.
  • To appoint a settler to work to a specific structure, select it while in build mode, and select the object to which you want to assign.
  • To reduce the number of raiders attacks, make sure that the index of defence in the settlement higher than the index of food and water.
  • Fast Travel between settlements will instantly grow all crops, in wich settlers are working.
  • You can assign your companions to work as well as ordinary settlers.

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