Life for Fallout 4

Life for Fallout 4
Incredible case occurred recently in the glorious city of Krasnoyarsk. Local gamer Nikita has filed a lawsuit against the developers of Fallout 4 Bethesda Softworks for the fact that their game is "ruined his life". By 16 December this was reported by one of the Krasnoyarsk law companies, in which Nikita asked for help in the preparation of a claim. It requires Bethesda Softworks compensation in the amount of 500 thousand of rubles.

The details of the claim said that our hero didn't want to step on the slippery slope of hardcore gaming at the beginning, however, an extensive advertising campaign for Fallout 4 didn't avoid him. After reading reviews about the game online and watch the game trailers, Nikita decided to download (or buy) the game. He's only want to play just a couple of evenings, while his wife on a business trip. However, it all went wrong. The world of Fallout so much struck Nikita that he soon found the signs of psychological dependence. The Wastelands have no pity.

"I started to rush home from work, avoiding contact with friends, coming home, I unplugged the phone so friends and relatives couldn't reach me to call and therefore does not interfere with my immersion in the virtual world of the Fallout 4", - tells Nikita with bitterness in his statement of claim. The guy started having problems with his wife, which soon resulted in divorce. Further more, Nikita could not tear himself away from Fallout 4 and because of constant absenteeism from his job poor guy was fired. The last straw was that he began following these health problems - disorders of blood pressure, gastrointestinal tract, and depression.

Quite a remarkable case, illustrating the desire of some people to blame others for their own problems, isn't it? Anyone, but not themselves. Combined with simple human greed it allow us to laugh on such news over and over again. Thank you, Nikita. And now, in the best traditions of gamer solidarity, we wish Nikita good luck in his crusade against global gaming industry and go to rethink our attitude to computer games.

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 2015-12-17 08:44:24

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