Fallout 4 awesome moments - November 2015

Funny Fallout 4
Unique game engine Creative Engine equipped with all the modern gaming technology, can give players countless unique gameplay moments which won't be find in any other game. What's this, you ask? Everything! Deep in the deepest depths of the gaming Internets we picked up from their deep pools fresh samples of mind-blowing moments of Fallout 4 gameplay. Watch and be surprised.

One of the main advantages of Fallout 4 over other games, is a chance to feel the true power of nuclear weapons in your hands. Just look at it and immediately understand what I'm talking about.

Sometimes I just don't understand why the raiders don't run, barely seeing our main character, seemed nearby. Because we are so much stronger than can easily organize competitions for the most beautiful raiders killing. And now this murder confidently claim in the first place.

Still, in some moments the old engine of the game shows how old he really is. He's not dead of course, but still. If you are well, just very lazy to crack the next lock, there is a more clever way to get to the goal.

You wasted your time in Fallout 4, if you've never blown someone's head off with a Teddy bear... or a human skull.

Note to all enemies: your heroic attempts to protect friend from bullets may turn out not as you planned.

Be careful and don't mess with Assaultron. They attack brutally and unexpectedly, and most often it is enough just one hit. That's why I play as a sniper.

Unique gameplay features that were added in Skyrim (the famous trick with the dealer and the pot, if you remember), got a totally new incarnation in Fallout 4. Applaud standing!

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