Fallout 4 Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day
Valentine's day is near, dear gamers. It is time to think about how to congratulate your loved one in a fun and original way. When I say "original" I don't mean shaving foam, flowers and spoligo heart-shaped pink Valentines. Who would need that? We have for you something even better: a adorable Valentines in the style of Fallout 4!

The author of these little masterpieces is an artist Jillian Bakos, originally from California. The girl has published on her page on Tumblr. Each of them illustrates one possible companions or well-known personality from the game, with the message in the style of Valentine's day, which this character could really address his or her loved one. Jillian generously sprinkled her works with her own style of depiction (which you can check out on her Tumblr page), and messages written on each card, that just can't help cause a smile of tenderness.

Check out the full list Fallout-Valentines and select the one which your loved one will appreciate most. If you have none, then treat yourself!

Sturgis Dr. Amari Kate
paladin Dens Nick Valentine X6-88
Deacon Hancock Preston Garvey
Piper Dogmeat Codewort
Oh, by the way, we understand that your other half is unlikely be glad to see a Valentine from you with has World of Mods watermarks, so here's the archive with all the Valentines without any extra signs.

I hope that through these valentiam your Valentine's Day goes as well as possible!

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