How to pass the 5 Chapter 2 RDR gold?

five chapter
In the previous chapter of RDR 2, an attack on a bank in St. Denis led to unforeseen circumstances. They lead to a part of the Dutch gang ending up on a small tropical island off the east coast of Cuba. The island is privately owned by a local planter. Chapter 5 starts automatically when you get to the island.

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Welcome to the new world
Reset nodes
Good and generous despot
The long-awaited escape from heaven
Dear Uncle Tatsit
A fleeting joy
Icarus and friends
This is Murphy land

Welcome to the new world

Arthur's waking up. He can't move at all, so he'll have to hobble forward slowly until smoke is detected. This smoke comes from the fire where the other survivors are. At the time of the merger, the rest of the gang is captured by the local police.

A sequence of events and actions:
  • Conversation with the lawkeeper ends with everyone in a chain, after which it is necessary to goose to the prison building;
  • After his decision, the head of the lawyers will leave and the group of escorts will unite with the same prisoners;
  • After a few minutes of movement of a common column, the rebels attack the convoy. We break shackles, take any weapons for self-defense and after several murders escape from the battlefield into the tropics;
  • Javier is taken prisoner, and the rebel leader leads part of the squad to a small fort where he will have to repel the convoy's attacks. It is desirable to immediately take the most advantageous position to shoot;
  • After the victory, the rebel will introduce himself as Hercule Fontaine. He'll need to get to a quiet place with him.
The tranquil location is one of the bases of the rebels.

Gold medal checklist:a gold medal can only be obtained by combining two achievements. The first one is that there is no lag when moving a group of goose convoys, and the second condition is 10 head shots when escaping.

Knot drop

A question mark will hang on the top left of the new base. We need to get there and activate the quest by finding the hanged body. Activation occurs with a simultaneous loss of consciousness due to a sleeper dart.

What happens next:
  1. Interview with a Spaniard. As soon as he is distracted, you need to rock the chair and get free. Then quickly knock down the enemy and beat him up;
  2. Release the other prisoners and leave the prison trying not to make noise;
  3. Follow Leon and stumble upon the execution after escaping, where the executioner hangs three workers who should have been found on the quest. Switch on the Sharp Eye, knock down the ropes and the executioner's headshot;
  4. We seek good cover and defend ourselves against soldiers.
The end of the mission will be to kill the sniper on the roof and release all the prisoners. Gold is only available with 10 head shots.

Kind and generous despot

In conversation with Hercule, it turns out that Javier is likely to be kept on the estate, which is a protected area. But there is one cave through which you can enter the estate without unnecessary clashes with enemies.

Dutch finds this secret passage and the necessary guide, after which you move out. Along the way, the gang leader makes the assumption that there's a traitor among them.
Once you reach the door, the guide in the form of an old lady starts demanding payment and Dutch kills her.

Kill the guards
After entering the estate, you will see Javier and the guards escorting him. You'll need to follow Dutch around and gently eliminate enemies, cleaning up their corpses in the thicket.

Visit the sugar mill and set up an explosion that will distract Javier's guards. To detonate, we slam the gate, open the bags and heat up the oven. After these actions, we take cover and wait for the guards to leave Javier unattended.

Then we fend off the guards and go after Dutch. Near the river, we take up position behind the rocks for defense. We'll need to hold on until Dutch leaves the danger zone. After that, we retreat into the jungle ourselves.

Gold medal checklist:for a gold medal, the delivery of the injured person is 2 minutes maximum. It will also take us 10 minutes to complete the norm for head shots.

Pitched hell

After the previous mission we find ourselves in a fortress, where Fonten tells us about the impossibility to get off the island because of the Cuban fleet patrolling the sea. After that the fortress is attacked by the Cuban army. After leaving the building, we find the ship and the landing soldiers. We take a sniper rifle and take up position.

Consistent action:
  • kill the attackers, trying not to miss as the gold medal depends on it;
  • push the cannon towards Hercule;
  • help on dutch's wall;
  • continue to shoot the soldiers, but with a gun;
  • send comrades on flanks for protection;
  • when a warship approaches, we go to the cannon and destroy it with accurate shots;
  • we're destroying at least four boats with soldiers.
After that, we go on a boat run.

Gold medal checklist:
  • destruction of 4 boats;
  • destruction of the ship;
The percentage of accuracy in combat should not be less than 70%.
Gold can only be obtained if all requirements are met.

Long awaited escape from heaven

Fussar captures the ship's captain, who must get everyone off the island. He will also place the long-range guns on shore, so it will be necessary to kill all enemies guarding the guns secretly after the landing and lay dynamite near each gun.

When the enemies attack, we kill the sniper first.

Escape from Paradise
Next steps:
  1. Follow Hercule and put in a call. We'll have to kill all the soldiers who will attack.
  2. We kill the guards near the entrance to the building and we go in. Levi attacks right away, and Dutch takes Fussar's scope. Taking advantage of the commotion, we throw the gun at the captain who kills Levi;
  3. Fussar is in hiding, and we'll need to get the captain to his ship in one piece;
  4. We pass through the ruins, where the soldiers attack again, then we get to the Fussar tower. It will take us to get to the fortress to destroy the enemy's weapon and himself;
  5. After the enemy dies, we sneak back to the ship and go home.
Dutch will offer to split up on the shore and find the others, as well as find the traitor.

Gold medal checklist: to get a medal you need 25 head shots after the blast and a total duration of 6 minutes and 45 seconds. The detected captain is delivered to the ship in 1 minute 45 seconds. To achieve this, the first guards are killed in a covert mode.

Dear Uncle Tacit

Near the point of sale, you'll need to find a horse to ride to Shady Belle.
At the estate, you'll need to find a letter that's addressed to Tacitu. After receiving the information about the comrade, we leave the building and get to the indicated mark.

Dear Uncle
A gold medal is awarded only if the quest time of 8 minutes is respected. It will also be necessary not to attract the attention of opponents, so we move secretly.

Fast joy

Charles and Sadie are in charge of the gang. The Pinkertons, led by Milton, will burst into the camp with Dutch's inspirational speech. The resistance will be useless because of Gatling.

We're going out through the back, through the swamps, to the specified structure. If we find the entrance, we'll bust in quickly and interrupt all the Pinkertons.

fleeting joy
After that, serious battles begin, for which you must find shelter. When weakening the Pinkertons use Gatling, which will lead to panic in the enemies.

The enemies scatter, and you and the gang decide to find a new place for the base and go to a bar in St. Denis.

Gold medal checklist:
  • When shooting from Gatling, 5 head shots should be knocked out, and the overall accuracy should not drop below 70%. No medication should be used.
  • Two Pinkertons will need to be removed using the Pinky Eye.


In Saint-Denis, Arthur loses consciousness and finds himself with the help of several people. He needs to quickly get a diagnosis of tuberculosis and go outside where memories and hallucinations begin to surface.

A quick mission is needed to get gold, because it takes 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

After leaving the doctor, you will need to move along the street until you see the strange beast. After that, the mission automatically ends.

Here you need to remember that TB is not cured, and the doctor will inform you about this, i.e. you go straight outside after the reception.

Icarus and friends

At Doyle's tavern, we're meeting with Sadie, with whom you're working out John's rescue plan. Then we go to the balloon, but the owner won't let Sadie take over. That's when the O'Driscoll will attack. We continue to control the balloon and destroy the enemies from above.

Control is only possible if the pilot who gets shot falls out. At this time, the rope over Sadie, who's got to grab her, is immediately launched.

After the ball falls on the other side of the river, the opponents attack again, but already in increased numbers.

Some of the bandits will come from the hill, and some from the western forest. It is required to find shelter and destroy the enemies, not allowing them to take their surroundings.

We don't get back to Sadie until all the enemies have been destroyed. Then the partner tells us that the gang leader has been caught and he wants to make sure of it.
Mission's over, but the trophy collection is possible.

Gold medal checklist:
  • keep the ball at the specified height until it falls;
  • 5 hits to the head while in the ball basket;
  • precision not less than 70%;
  • no medication was used.

This is Murphy land

The mission will begin on the way to Lakai to Dutch. After the conversation, we'll need to go on a reconnaissance mission. Then we find Charles and go with him to Murphy land. Along the way, we run into the horsemen and disarm one of them secretly.

Last mission in Chapter 5
Subsequent actions:
  • we follow Charles and protect him because with his death, the mission will fail;
  • dynamite can be used to fight with the enemy;
  • if we find a cell with a woman, we release her and after talking to her we go to Annesburg;
  • when we arrive in town, we go to the gun store and watch a video of a girl reuniting with her family. When the reward is waived, honor points are added.
After the cat-scene, Arthur finds himself in a camp to which he will be returned by Molly's comrades. She turns out to be a traitor, for which part of Arthur's comrades were killed.
Arthur convinces Dutch to spare the girl, but she is still killed by Miss Grimshaw.

Gold medal checklist:the rescued caged girl (Meredith) has to be delivered home in 2 minutes. A total of 15 shots must be taken to the head and no medication must be used. The accuracy has been increased by 85%.

After the next cat-scene, Chapter 6 of RDR 2 will start.

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