Detailed guide 6 Chapter RDR 2

Final Chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2
The Sixth Chapter of Red Dead Redemption begins with a brief respite. The gang, along with Arthur Morgan, has discovered a temporary shelter and is already developing a further plan of action. And, while the virtual map has not yet appeared marks of future robberies and shootings, the main character suddenly faces a couple of new discoveries…

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Visiting Hours
Just a courtesy call
Flash of anger
Van horn's Joy
Archaeology for beginners
Bridge to nowhere
Noble thieves
The Subtle art of negotiation
Goodbye, old friend
Favorite sons
Son of the king
My last son
The Best in us
Blood, death, and redemption


The mission of the "Fork" starts near Saint Denis. The hero will have to ride a horse to a remote American settlement. But before they are half-way through, Arthur will feel weak and will fall off his horse with difficulty and lie on the cold ground.

Mission Fork
Why this happened is unknown. But an unknown passer-by will try to pull the hero out of the abyss of agony, after which you will still have to walk 2-3 blocks until the hero collapses on a chair in the doctor's office. A small examination and unexpected news Arthur is ill with tuberculosis. The disease is progressing – the hero can no longer eat without restrictions.

Gold medal Checklist: complete the mission in less than 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

Visiting Hours

Arthur Morgan will have to get to the island located to the North of Saint Denis. Once you reach your destination, the hero will meet Abigail and Sadie arguing. The argument ends with a cut-scene-you will have to follow the potholes to the watchtower.

Mission visiting Hours in RDR 2
You should move silently, that is, crouching, and not raising your head. Already near the tower, it remains to climb the stairs, get a knife and quietly deal with the guard. In a second, Sadie will suggest that Arthur arm himself with a sniper rifle and shoot the jailers located in the neighborhood and marked on the map.

It is better to shoot quickly (or-using the ability "Accurate eye" to slow down time). After precise head-to-head killings, you will have to make your way to the released prisoners. After a brief exchange of fire, John Marston will be exchanged for a hostage.

Next-escape for cover near the bridge and protect your teammates from the incoming waves of enemies. To increase accuracy again will help the ability to "Mark eye" and a sniper rifle. It is important to remember about additional tasks for the gold medal – you can not shoot accurately or "in a hurry" and it is better not to fall under someone else's bullets. It is also advisable not to stop too often – due to time restrictions, you can easily fail to meet the "Golden limit".

prisoner Rescue
After the shootout, escape, and cut scene, the three in the boat (Arthur, John, and Sadie) will leave the temporary transport and head to beaver hollow on horseback. There, the characters will share the news, and at the same time learn about a new reward for the head of each member of the gang. The virtual card will turn red. They'll try to catch Arthur dead or alive.

Gold medal Checklist:
  • Shoot the jailers with precise hits to the head while on the tower and using a sniper rifle;
  • Escape by boat in 2 minutes and 45 seconds;
  • Complete the mission in nine minutes or faster;
  • to Achieve the accuracy of 90% or better;
  • do Not use medication and make up for your health.

Just a courtesy call

The "Just a courtesy call" mission begins East of the camp in Annesburg, where Micah bell is impatient. As in the other tasks, no good news is expected. This time the problem is Cornwall, which will have to be dealt with at the docks.

After a short cut-scene, Arthur will have to take the place allocated on the map behind the boxes. But then you will have to listen to the conversation between the characters and wait until the shootout begins. For "gold" will have to act quickly and aggressively. You can't sit still any longer, although enemies will start appearing on almost every side. To deal with the attackers will help "Accurate eye" and rapid-fire weapons.

Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2-courtesy call
After an intense firefight, the heroes will get to the horses and start a conversation, which will again be interrupted by attacks. For the gold medal, you will have to hit the heads of opponents on horseback. With time slowing down, the task is unlikely to take much effort and time.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • make three hits to the head on enemies who are in the saddle on a horse;
  • after killing Cornwall, get to the horses in 2 minutes and 45 seconds or faster;
  • do not use medications or other items to restore health.

Flash of anger

Before the start of the mission, you will have to communicate with the Reverend Swanson, who is hiding in the camp. The dialogue that started will be interrupted several times - first by Dutch, who decided to move to New York, and then by Charles and Soaring Eagle. The negotiations will end with a new mark on the map: you will have to get to the ship, where you will have to find and save a couple of horses.

You will have to act quietly – an extra alarm will lead to a difficult shootout and unnecessary hype. It is better to get to the ship in a small boat first, and then-quietly deal with the guards.

mission flash of anger
In less than a minute, as there will be new goal is to set the dynamite at anchor. As a result, Dutch will lose control of the ship and it will RAM the nearest rocks. The situation is out of control, which means it's time to release the horses, which will fall overboard with a crash. After a short cut-scene over the horses with yellow badges will have to swim, and then - to get to the shore.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • shoot down a couple of soldiers from a boat;
  • move to the next Bank in 1 minute and 30 seconds or faster.

Van horn's Joys

Not far from the van horn Trading Post where Micah bell is located, a new test begins. Bill will be along later. Arthur will have to discuss the details of the attack on the wagon train that will pass through the small settlement. Short preparation will end with the distribution of roles – the main character will have to take a sniper position in the destroyed building marked on the map on the top floor.

van horn's Joy Mission
First you have to wait until bill gives the signal, and then you have to shoot. For a "gold "medal, you will need accuracy: it is desirable to use a "Good eye" and aim at the head. After the shootout, the second phase of the task will begin – Arthur will have to get on the cart and go with bill to a new place. Enemies will appear from behind. Radar will help you not miss new goals and make timely decisions. It is better to act quickly: if you do not shoot for a long time, the chances of losing a valuable cargo are greatly increased.

When the threat is far behind, Arthur will take the driver's seat, and bill will start a conversation. The mission ends after meeting with Micah, who will issue a new assignment – to get to the Bacchus Bridge and help John Marston deal with the installation of dynamite.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • five hits to the head from a long-barreled rifle;
  • accuracy per mission - at least 85%.

Archaeology for beginners

The mission begins with a meeting with "Falling Rain" (EF icon on the map) in the North, on the Wapiti Indian reservation. In the marked tent, you will have to talk to the NPC, and then-after a short cut scene – you will have to saddle a horse and go to collect herbs.
The journey will take a long time. Along the way, you will have to talk and wait until the "Falling Rain" does not deal with the daily duties and does not replenish supplies.

At some point, the heroes will reach a sacred place, but already burned and looted. Arthur will have to use the "Eagle eye" and find clues leading to those who dared to steal the relics. Only a couple of hints will appear. But after 2-3 minutes, a column of smoke will appear on the horizon, indicating a temporary halt of an unknown gang.

Archaeology for beginners in RDR 2
It remains for Arthur to descend to the camp and return, and even without raising the alarm, in 1 minute and 30 seconds. You will have to act quickly – you need to go down the mountain at a gallop, and then, having already dismounted, follow in a quiet mode to the camp. Cope with the enemies need to be quiet, not forgetting about cruising around the patrols. The desired relics are located not far from the tent and are located in a bundle similar to a sleeping bag.

Found things – not a reason to get up and run to the horse. The alarm can still be raised by slow soldiers. To pass it is enough to return to the "Falling Rain" and he will reward Arthur for speed and mercy, if none of the enemies were killed.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • return the relics and do not raise the alarm;
  • handle the search for relics in 1 minute and 30 seconds or faster.

Bridge to nowhere

John Marston, the mission Manager, is located near the Bacchus train station. Arthur will have to find a character and help with the installation of dynamite to blow up the bridge.

You don't have to drag the checkers manually. The cart with the necessary supplies has long been loaded, it remains only to move to the middle of the bridge and distribute dynamite for a deafening explosion.

You need to unload the boxes quickly – time is running out. In just 1 minute and 35 seconds, you will have to place dynamite at the bridge pillars marked with yellow dots on the map. And it is recommended to act in the opposite order – that is, first bring it to the farthest point, and then – to the nearest. The rest of the movement will disappear behind a cut-scene showing the train approaching soon. The heroes will miraculously escape, and then – already on the ground-activate the detonator.

Bridge to nowhere
The bridge will explode. Arthur will advise John to leave the dangerous region quickly, and he will share the secret about where Dutch hid the money…

Gold medal Requirements:
  • install dynamite sticks in 1 minute and 35 seconds or faster;
  • to Escape by train, in 19 seconds.

Noble thieves

The mission begins with a conversation with captain Monroe, who has long needed help. The character, who is located near the Wapiti Indian reservation, knows where the medicines and vaccines intended for native Americans have disappeared. And captain Monroe wants to return the valuable cargo and help Wapiti.

Noble thieves-mission in RDR 2
The task begins with a cat scene, and continues with a short ride on a horse to the place where you will have to ambush a convoy carrying the vaccine. If you act without mistakes, the "gold" medal will not be a problem.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  1. Return the vaccine without raising the alarm. A complex task that eliminates even the smallest chance of error. We'll have to act quickly and accurately. First is to get on the horse and move in the direction of the cart without attracting too much attention. After that, you will have to jump on the cart, staying a little behind. Then, without killing anyone, and without interacting with the soldiers-guards, you can take the marked vaccine and move back to your own horse.
  2. Complete the task in 5 minutes or faster.

The Fine art of negotiation

Before the talks, Arthur will talk to Hosea Trelawny in the camp. The character will inform you about the desire to temporarily leave the gang, but promises to return soon. While the characters are saying goodbye, Charles and Falling Rain appear nearby. The NPCs ask Arthur to keep the peace and agree to cooperate with Colonel Favors. A short cut-scene and then a yellow marker will appear on the map, which you will have to get to on a horse.

It won't take long to accompany The falling Rain – in a couple of minutes the entire group will be next to Colonel Favors and captain Monroe. The discussion will drag on, and Arthur will burst into a violent cough, which will force him to leave the zone of strategic negotiations and take a seat in the medical tent. From there, the hero will be able to eavesdrop on conversations and learn that captain Monroe is facing execution by hanging, allegedly for treason, and Colonel Favors does not even try to stop using native Americans from the Wapiti tribe.

mission completion the Fine art of negotiation
In a few moments, a soldier will appear in the tent and lead Arthur to the meeting place, where discussions will soon end, and captain Monroe will be arrested. Knowing the truth, Arthur will take a hostage and rescue the captain from the camp, after which a chase with skirmishes will begin.

Shoot accurately will help "Accurate eye", as well as Charles, who is next to the main character. The shooting will stop in 2-3 minutes. And the mission will end next to the train, which will climb into Monroe and disappear in an unknown direction.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • during the escape, shoot down the pursuers who are in the saddle;
  • complete the mission in 9 minutes and 30 seconds or faster;
  • achieve accuracy of 75% or higher;
  • do Not use medications or items that can replenish your life force.

Goodbye, old friend

Sadie and Dutch are waiting for Arthur in Saint Denis. The characters discuss the impending hanging of Colm O'driscoll and binge on alcohol, along the way thinking about how to watch the execution. Dutch offers to change into a police uniform and go to the yellow marker. Already not far from the gallows, the heroes will notice the shooters from the O'driscoll gang, and therefore decide to follow the impostors and try to find out why they got into the city.

goodbye, old friend
After several cut scenes, Arthur will appear in the alley of the old mansion and get a new goal – to climb to the top floor and from there-to find and neutralize the sniper who wants to save. The disguise will be revealed at the moment when the hero appears on the roof. General alarm means the need to protect yourself. Enemies will start appearing from different directions. For the" gold "medal, the accumulated scale of the "Accurate eye" ability will be useful, otherwise no one will give out the award without 8 hits to the head.

Requirements for the "gold" medal:
  • find and destroy the sniper in 45 seconds;
  • using a long-barreled rifle, hit 8 times in the head;
  • complete the mission in 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Favorite sons

Soaring eagle and Dutch came up with a new plan – to ambush the local soldiers who decided to move equipment and part of the military personnel through the canyon. Arthur doesn't like the idea of attacking US soldiers, but it's too late to give up. The heroes descend from the cliff and begin preparations. First, you can not do without a coil and dynamite sticks (how to place explosives-will show on the map: you do not need to act quickly – no time limits are provided), and then-without a well-chosen position.

After a short cut scene, Dutch will tell you when to blow up the dynamite and a very strange trap of fallen trees is formed around the military. Further negotiations will begin, after which the shooting will open.

how to complete the mission in RDR 2 Favorite sons
For the "gold" medal, you will have to attack exactly in the head. In many cases, a "Good eye" is also useful, but due to the abundance of appearing opponents, you can not worry about accuracy – sooner or later, the kill counter will reach the desired level. After 3-4 minutes, a new cut-scene will appear, during which it will become known about the approaching cannon. The soldiers engaged over the deadly weapon are not covered on the right or left, so you can safely (but quickly – the limit is 45 seconds) go in from the flank and attack.

Despite the easy victory, there will be no lull. Reinforcements are on the way – time to saddle up. A short ride and Dutch will tell you to dismount and move through the forest. In less than a minute, enemies will appear on the cliffs and mountain ranges. Again, you will have to fight back, hiding behind trees and shooting directly at the head.

The chase will end with an offer to surrender. But, do real criminals bow their heads to the warriors? No way! Both Dutch and Arthur, trapped, will jump off the cliff into the river and escape on the Bank.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • Kill soldiers marked on the map in 45 seconds or faster;
  • Achieve 35 hits to the head;
  • Do not use medication.

King's Son

Charles, who is hiding in the Wapiti Indian reservation in new Hanover, suggests that Arthur talk to Falling Rain, who will tell about the fate of his own son, Soaring eagle, and at the same time remind him of the war that broke out between native Americans and US soldiers, because of Dutch's recklessness. The dialogue ends with Arthur's promises to save Soaring eagle along with Charles.

The mission begins with the development of a plan: they say, you need to act quietly and without raising the alarm, and even armed with a knife and a bow. Yellow markers on the map will tell you where to go. But there is still no need to hurry: the first to go to the goals will be Charles, who will have to follow.

Difficulties begin at the moment when there is a task to get a "gold" medal. Here you will have to experiment and mercilessly use the "Accurate eye" to attack everyone who appears on the way. It is important not to raise the alarm and use only the bow (and also-do not yawn: Charles also often helps Arthur and can even kill a couple of extra guards, because of which the mission will have to start over).

Son of the king
At some point, the "rescue team" will reach the tower and move inside the camp. Attacking directly is pointless. There are too many soldiers inside. It is better to look for a workaround. And there will be one. If you shoot at a lantern suspended over a pile of wood, the camp will soon start a fire. And in the confusion there will be a chance to go down from the tower to the prison ward. There, after searching the body of the guard, it remains to open the cage with the Soaring Eagle and prepare for another shootout. To maintain maximum accuracy, it is better to use "Accurate eye". The escape ends at the wall, which will have to be blown up by a shot from a cannon or dynamite.

When the heroes get out, it remains to saddle the horses and get to the reservoir, where Charles will prepare a canoe. During the rafting on the river, you need to shoot – without 15 defeated soldiers, the reward will not be issued.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • after entering Fort Wallace, shoot the enemy exclusively in the head;
  • shoot at least 15 opponents during the canoe escape;
  • achieve a final accuracy of 80% or better at the end of the mission.

My last son

The mission begins at the camp, where Dutch and the rest of the gang discuss an attack on the Heartland oil fields. In the approaching scuffle, the rescued Soaring eagle is also involved, which the father, Falling Rain, tries to literally save from impending death, but he is not bowed down.

Arthur will promise to return his son and go after the team. Arriving at the site, it turns out that the Indians need help. You need to act quickly and accurately – it is better to shoot at the head, maintaining accuracy of 80%. The entire mission is centered around shooting and moving on yellow markers, where you need to rescue those who are ambushed.

My last son in RDR 2
At some point, a train will appear on the map, and inside-a Gatling machine gun, which you will have to get rid of using the "Sharp eye". Here will be a chance to save Pate and return to the team, making their way further through the front. Then it remains to turn the corner of the factory and meet with Dutch, who is trying to secure the territory, but the enemies still appear from different sides. In a couple of minutes, Dutch's main motive will be revealed – government bonds worth several thousand dollars. But it's too early to be happy – opponents have reappeared on the horizon.

Moving around the factory and shooting back from the enemies, Arthur will be surrounded by opponents, and Dutch, without trying to help, immediately disappears, leaving the main character alone. A wounded Soaring eagle will come to the rescue, but it will soon die at the hands of Colonel Favors.

The mission ends with a short firefight and a return to the camp, where the cut-scene begins and the father and son say goodbye.

mission Finale
Requirements for a gold medal:
  • make 30 hits to the head;
  • to Achieve the accuracy of 80% or better;
  • save to Pate;
  • do not use medication.

The Best of us

In light of recent events, the gang located in Dutch's camp begins to slowly desert. But, until everything is completely destroyed, the leader tries to organize the last case and napasat on the train with money intended for local soldiers.

After the conversation, Dutch will suggest that John and I move the dynamite from the wagon and prepare for an attack. But the train that usually stops at the Saint Denis station thunders past. Arthur will have to jump on a half-empty train and personally get to the driver. You will have to make your way through the car with the help of accurate (at least 80%) shooting, and even without serious injuries. You will have to move for a long time, there are many enemies on the way. You'll also have to jump between trains.

the Best in us
At some point, the train will catch fire, which means it's time to jump on Dutch's horse, and then back on the train, otherwise Arthur will die in the fire. Another shootout and now a new stage will begin – the hero will have to sit down for a machine gun and shoot at those who approach from behind. A short cut-scene, a couple of additional moves, and then Morgan is already next to the armored doors of a huge safe. It remains to place the dynamite and pick up the bags of money.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • after jumping from Dutch's horse, shoot the enemy in the head using the "Good eye" ability;
  • complete the task in 11 minutes or faster;
  • do not lower the accuracy level below 80%;
  • do not use medication.

Blood, death, and redemption

The mission begins almost immediately after the previous one, "the Best in us". At the camp, Arthur learns that Abigail has been kidnapped and even sentenced to trial. Micah offers to leave the girl and quickly disappear. But Arthur decides to save Abigail along with Sadie. After a short cut-scene, the characters will reach the lighthouse, where Morgan will have to protect Sadie from opponents. You need to shoot accurately (only in the head) and quickly, otherwise the mission will have to start again.

At some point, Sadie will reach the building and immediately be ambushed. Arthur needs to throw a temporary shelter and run to help. On the way, you will meet enemies, but for the" gold " medal, it is better to ignore some of the enemies and hurry. When they reach the building, Arthur will kick down the door.

Already inside, the "Accurate eye" is automatically activated. The goal is to hit two shooters in a short period of time.

RDR 2 Mission-Blood, death and redemption
It is better to shoot first at the left enemy, and therefore at the right one. When Abigail and Sadie are safe, Mr. Milton will appear in the frame, who will tell who the real "Snitch" is (not Molly, but Micah). After a brief scuffle, Milton gets shot by Abigail and the entire party, along with Arthur, gets out and saddles the horses.

Enemies will start appearing from different directions. To maintain accuracy, it is better to use the ability "Accurate eye". After some time, Arthur will get to Dutch, where he will tell the news about the "Snitch". The cut-scene will begin, and then a brawl will begin inside the gang, where everyone will begin to vent their accumulated emotions and point their weapons at "their neighbor". Temporary turbidity will be interrupted by the arrival of new enemies, which again will have to deal with as accurately as possible, calculating each shot.

The shootout ends with Dutch and Mickey escaping, and Arthur and John decide to escape through the caves – there is no other way left. After a short walk, the heroes will get to the surface, saddle their horses and go through the forest, into the unknown. Enemies will continue to appear from different sides until the last story "fork" appears.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Finale
You will have a choice-either help John, or go back for the money:

Help. If you go with John, you first need to get through the rocks, along the way shooting enemies. At some point, the heroes will get to the shelter, and Arthur will refuse to go further, but will force John to return to his family, to his wife and child, and he will continue to shoot back.

10 defeated enemies and now Arthur is attacked by Micah, who has crept up from behind. The heroes will have to fight in a fist fight until the strongest wins. The mission ends with the unexpected appearance of Dutch, who will not judge anyone. Arthur will be left to die, and Micah, picking up a bag of money, will disappear in an unknown direction.

Money. If you choose money, you will again have to fight with Micah, and John will be saved, but without anyone's help. Dutch will also appear, and again nothing will help. Instead of quietly disappearing, Micah decides to kill Arthur.

Requirements for a gold medal:
  • hit 7 enemies in the head, covering Sadie from the lighthouse;
  • when Sadie is captured, get to Abigail in 1 minute or faster;
  • achieve 70% accuracy;
  • do not use medication or replenish your health.

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