How to get to the train and operate it in RDR 2?

Train in RDR 2
You can move around the game world in Red Dead Redemption 2 in several ways, including by train. Moreover, you can move by it not only as a passenger: the game allows you to control this vehicle.

Buying a ticket on the train in RDR 2

How to get on the train

There are several ways.
  1. Buy a ticket on a train station in any locality. The cost can be up to $10 or higher, depending on the direction and distance. Immediately after purchasing a ticket, you will see a train that you can get on and go to.
  2. Ride for free, just getting on the train. To do this, you just need to wait for it on the platform.
  3. Jump into the train on the move. To do this, you need to get as close as possible to it on a horse. Extreme and also free.
Train Hijacking in RDR 2
Train Ride to RDR 2

How to drive a train

It's pretty simple. After pressing the appropriate button, the character will throw the driver out of the cab and sit down to drive the train instead of him. During this ride, you can control the speed and make sound signals.

But here it is worth remembering that it is a crime, and the servants of the law can start hunting for the character of the game.However, if the player's goal is to Rob a train, then this action will only be one of the steps to achieve it.

Advice to players: robbing the train is best when it is in the tunnel, and cops and train guards cannot get the character of the game. The tunnel between Annesburg and the Grizzly station would be perfect. To do this, you need to get on the train, in the wagon closest to the beginning of the train composition. Once the train is in the tunnel, you can start. First you need to kill all the guards, and then get into the cab and get rid of the driver. Next, you need to stop the train, and after blowing up the safes, take all the money. After the search icon disappears, you can leave the train.

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