The puzzle with the statues in RDR 2

Strange statues in RDR 2
In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can solve a puzzle and get three gold bars for it. This is one of many side missions, and in this case we are talking about a puzzle with statues - the Strange Statues Puzzle. In order to proceed with the solution, you only need to find a cave with sculptures and activate the passage of the task.

Where to find a cave

Map of the cave with statues in RDR 2
Rocks with a cave in RDR 2
Before you get to the cave, you need to cross the pass. Along the way, the character will see various rock paintings, and this finding should be reflected in his diary. You can also take a screenshot. All of this will come in handy, but later. Next, Arthur will have to proceed to the northeast. If you look at the map, you can see the name of the district – Ambarino. You will need to cross the river in the area of the letter i. The cave can be found in a slot in the rocks.

How to solve a riddle

Cave with statues in RDR 2
Solving the statue puzzle in RDR 2
There is nothing complicated about this. Here you will need to pay attention to the number of fingers at each monument. Then you will need to activate them in turn: first the statue, which has 7 fingers, then - with three, then - 5 and 2.

Reward for solving a puzzle in RDR 2
After all the stages are completed, the hero of the game will receive three bars and will be able to leave the cave.

Fence in RDR 2
Each of the bars is valued at $500. To get $1,500 for them, you need to sell them to a fence.

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