Treasures of the Blackwater swamp in RD Online

Blackwater Swamp in RDR 2
Below is a detailed guide to finding the treasure in the Blackwater swamp. In aggre Red Dead Online, there are four variants of their location. If you do not find a treasure in one location, you can safely go to another.

Red Dead Online

Location 1

East Of Lagras. You need to find a large tree, near it btsdet broken wagon. The treasure will be hers.

Location 2

North-East of Lagrasse. There will be a boat with a chest on the shore.

Location 3

North Of Lagras. The treasure will lie in a stump on a small island.

Location 4

On the map, just above the letter R in the word Lagras, there is a small island. You will need the skill of eagle vision to see the treasure hidden on it.

Blackwater swamp treasure Map in Red Dead Online

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