All plants in RDR 2

All plants in RDR 2
In RDR 2, plants play a significant role. The herbalist skill allows you to produce medicines that will help heal and enhance the health of the main character, but with the search for herbs, there are several additional quests. Finding some rare plants is not easy, but we will help you figure it out.

What plants are needed for

The range of plant use in RDR 2 is quite wide. Some are used for cooking to apply as a spice. Others will be applied as healing medicines. Still others are simply poisonous, so they are most often used to create a particular poison.
Our main character is the protagonist, he is not just a great shooter who has a couple of revolvers. He is also an experienced survivalist in a variety of conditions. Thanks to his marksmanship, he copes well with battles, and the skill of the herbalist makes his life easier

How do I find all the plants on the map?

The game world of the Wild West is divided into different biomes, from high mountains covered with snow to hot desert plains, the flora is everywhere diverse. In order to collect all the plants, you will have to run a little, in our guide you will find all the useful information. All plants are marked on the map, so you just need to click the cursor on the place and collect the desired one.

All plants in the game RDR 2

Alaskan Ginseng

Alaskan ginseng in RDR 2

American Ginseng

American ginseng in RDR 2

Wintergreen Berry

Wintergreen Berry in RDR 2

Ram's Head

Ram's Head in RDR 2

Parasol Mushroom

Parasol Mushroom in RDR 2

Wild Carrot

Wild carrot in RDR 2

Wild Mint

Wild mint in RDR 2

Wild Feverfew

Wild Feverfew in RDR 2


Oregano in RDR 2


BlackBerry in RDR 2

Indian Tobacco

Indian tobacco in RDR 2

Common Bulrush

Common Bulrush in RDR 2

Burdock Root

Burdock Root in RDR 2

Red Sage

Red sage in RDR 2


Chanterelles in RDR 2


Raspberry in RDR 2


Milkweed in RDR 2


Oleander in RDR 2

Acuna’s Star Orchid

Acuna’s Star Orchid in RDR 2

Night Scented Orchid

Night scented orchid in RDR 2

Queen’s Orchid

Queen’s Orchid in RDR 2

Sparrow's Egg Orchid

Sparrow's egg Orchid in RDR 2

Lady Slipper Orchid

Lady slipper Orchid in RDR 2

Moccasin Flower Orchid

Moccasin flower Orchid in RDR 2

Rat Tail Orchid

Rat tail Orchid in RDR 2

Lady of the Night Orchid

Lady of the night Orchid in RDR 2

Dragon's Mouth Orchid

Dragon's mouth Orchid in RDR 2

Orchid Clamshell

Orchid Clamshell in RDR 2

Cigar Orchid

Cigar Orchid in RDR 2

Ghost Orchid

Ghost Orchid in RDR 2

Spider Orchid

Spider Orchid in RDR 2

Bay Bolete

Bay bolete in RDR 2

Prairie Poppy

Prairie poppy in RDR 2

Desert Sage

Desert sage in RDR 2

Golden Currant

Golden Currant in RDR 2

Creeping Thyme

Thyme creeping in RDR 2


Yarrow in RDR 2

English Mace

English mace in RDR 2

Violet Snowdrops

Violet snowdrops in RDR 2

Vanilla Flower

Vanilla flower in RDR 2


Blackcurrant in RDR 2

Evergreen Huckleberry

Evergreen Huckleberry in RDR 2

Hummingbird Sage

Hummingbird Sage in RDR 2

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