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Red Dead Redemption 2 game
Red Dead Redemption 2 - one of the best computer adventure games and shooters, presented in the third person and has an open world. As with any game, this adventure shooter has its own chips, which until now were not known to everyone. Below are the secrets of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Revolver torsion

All fans of westerns can often watch in movies and TV series, as cowboys, when famously coping with rivals, put the revolver in the holster, scrolling it on one finger. The main character of the story can also do this. To play this animation, you need to press L1 twice. At the same time, the hero must have a revolver in his hands.

Safe breaking

As a rule, you can get rid of the safe door in the game by blowing up dynamite. This is a fast but noisy way. In addition, there are often no explosives at hand. Fans of the shooter found a secret from the creators. You can open the door by throwing a Tomahawk and then picking it up again. This is a kind of flaw in the game mechanics, but it works. You can also shoot the lock using an explosive cartridge. But just like with dynamite, it creates noise.

Safe Breaking in RDR 2

Shot as a warning

In the new version of the game, in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can not kill ordinary citizens. This leads to the corruption of the main character. For this reason, even during a robbery and any entertainment event, you do not need to kill someone once again. If there is a witness to the crime, he will immediately report to the chief and he will come to investigate. The hero will be issued a fine.

To avoid killing anyone, you can use one of the points in the section rdr 2 secrets, make a warning shot at the ceiling. This can help avoid a fight. To make this gesture, you need to press the up key when aiming and raise the barrel up. Then shoot.

Correct loading of the horse

After hunting, the horse's load capacity may be insufficient. In this case, you should use the following secret: before loading the meat, put medium skins on the horse (at least 5 pieces), and then load the meat.

The benefits of Smoking in a shooter

Despite the fact that Smoking in normal life is bad, in Red Dead Redemption 2 it is useful. In addition to the theme, rdr 2 secrets and Easter eggs, you can specify the following point: buying a cigarette pack, you can find a collector's card. After collecting them all, you can complete the game 100%. Important! Collectible cards are only found in expensive cigarette packs.

Fashionable beard

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can pump up your character's appearance a little. Despite the fact that, as in life, the hero grows hair and beard, but they only reach a certain length. To grow an impressive head of hair, you can buy a special tool or find it by completing missions. You can buy the product from any merchant for a decent amount.

Fashionable beard in RDR 2

Life hack with hunting

Often when hunting, the carcass falls into the water and sinks. As a result, the hero can no longer take it with him. In this situation, you can use a secret way to save a drowning person - to rest against the carcass, creating an obstacle, and go with it to the shore. According to users, this life hack works. Better skinning in the DDR 2 secrets section.

Eliminating the walking dead

An epic Western is designed so that the main character can act as a bloodthirsty villain, and a noble bandit, Robin hood, who robs the rich and helps the poor. In any case, it will be chased by hunters who have a lot of experience in their business. They are cunning and very dangerous. Some of them can even pretend to be dead in battle to jump up and shoot the main character. In order not to encounter this in the game, you must finish off your enemies using a control shot to the head.

The Walking dead in RDR 2

Quick movement between shelters

It often happens that during a shootout, the hero finds himself in an unpleasant situation. He is surrounded by bandits and as soon as he leans out of his hiding place, he immediately dies. To prevent this from happening, you should remember one secret: to change the place, tilt the stick towards the new shelter and click on the square. In this case, the character will quickly move to the specified location and will not be harmed.

The addition of "eagle eye"

"Eagle eye" is the best skill in the game to detect enemies and animals, highlight all items to get additions, quickly collect trophies and quickly inspect the territory.

Eliminating unnecessary clutter

As previously stated, there is no need to kill civilians. It is also impossible to do this because it negatively affects the karma of the hero. To prevent him from turning into a thug, you should use a simple secret: tie the lasso of civilians, masking the face with a mask or bandana. This is a simple way to get rid of problems and turmoil among the population.

The use of two horses

Few people know, studying the topic of red dead redemption 2 secrets and secrets, that you can use several horses to load trophies on the hunt. To do this, you need to buy and take two horses to hunt.

Two horses on the hunt in RDR 2

Reduce the use of the "Sharp eye" ability reserve

To remove several enemies at once, you can use the "Accurate eye". This is the ability to slow down time, which can be used to eliminate competitors or remove killers. As you know, it is quickly wasted. To prevent this from happening, you should use expensive rifled cartridges.

Quick exit from the menu

To return to game mode quickly by pressing twice on the button O. But, you can also press this button once. The effect will be the same.

20% increase in stamina

The horse in the game is not only a way to move and transport goods, it is also a loyal friend. If you stroke it, you can increase its endurance by 20%. All you have to do is press the L3 while driving. The tool can work several times.

Use of the Molotov cocktail

Despite the appearance of the Molotov cocktail in the mid-twentieth century, the game Red Dead Redemption 2 also has it. With it, you can well smoke out enemies who have gone behind the thicket. Just remember one detail, in addition to the theme, red dead redemption 2 map of secrets: the movement of the flame in the game, as in life.

Easy and quiet kill

There are different ways to kill enemies in a Western. If you need to eliminate an opponent at a distance and silently, you can use throwing knives. This is not a secret, but an unpopular weapon. For better aiming at the head or heart, you can use the "Accurate eye" mode.

Throwing knives in RDR 2


In the continuation of the popular Western, you can not only catch fish in the traditional way. In shallow water, you can simply kill fish in any way - with a rifle, throwing knife, or dynamite. It is worth pointing out that the wild West did not yet have a term about poaching, so you can use this method freely.


Few people know that when they lose trophies, they go to the Trapper. There, he can create equipment items from it.

Quick recharge

Very few players know that using the "Accurate eye" mode, you can not only slow down time and shoot at bandits, but also quickly reload the gun. All you need is to click on the mode in the middle of the battle and the hero will quickly get additional ammo without losing time.

As a result, the game Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter eggs and secrets are well developed. From the not specified above, in addition, you can list Easter games. A lot of them too: the remains of the Bigfoot, UFO, a meteor, hobbit house, Icarus Wild West, man bear pig, vampire, Wild West, witch's strepnya and more.

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