The legendary Bluegill Solarian in RDR 2

Bluegill solarian in RDR 2
The Legendary Bluegill sunfish is one of the legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2. Where can I find it, how can I catch it, and what can I do with it? Answers further in the text.

Where to find a Bluegill Solarian in RDR 2
Location of the Bluegill Solarian in RDR 2
Fish can be found West of Rhodes. Even if it is not displayed on the map, you can still try to catch it in the designated location. The good thing is that this is a calm and quiet place, fishing there will not cause any difficulties.

Catching Solarian in RDR 2
In order for fishing to be successful, you need to go into the water and throw a fishing rod. This should be done carefully, so that you don't accidentally get caught in anything. Fishing from a boat is also a good option. If you choose this method, you just need to stop in the middle of the river. Among the baits, a Special river bait is best suited.

Solarian Bait in RDR 2
Since the sunfish is a small fish, it can be put in the inventory. To sell it, you will need to go to the nearest post office, which is located in Valentine.

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