The legendary Longnose Gar in RDR 2

 Legendary Longnose Gar in RDR 2
The Legendary Longnose Gar in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the legendary fish in the game. Where to find it, how to catch it, and what to do with it? The answers to these questions are further in the text.

Where to find the gar in RDR 2
Gar Location in RDR 2
Its habitat is lake Lagras in Lemoyne. During fishing, there may be danger: there are many crocodiles around the lake. Before you start fishing, they must be exterminated.

Catching gar in RDR 2
It doesn't matter where it is best to stand, but it is better not to go into the water, since the danger of a crocodile attack still remains. It is also better to leave the horse away from the lake: it can also be attacked by a predator. As a bait, a Special river bait is best suited. As soon as all the preparations are completed, you can safely throw a fishing rod and wait for the catch.

Special river bait in RDR 2
It is not possible to place the gar in the inventory due to its size. As soon as it is caught, it must be delivered to the post office in Saint-Denis.

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