Great news about SpinTires!

The SpinTires scandal ends
You all remember the recent SpinTires scandal associated with so-called time-bomb, sewn into the game code. Today the official information about the incident has finally came, announced by the managing Director of Oovee Game Studios Zane Saxton, as well as a bit of a surprise for all the fans of SpinTires. Here's the Zane Saxton's words about the incidentm publeshed in SpinTires Community Hub on Steam.


We would like to apologize for the recent bug with the time-bomb that prevented you to play SpinTires. This was totally unacceptable and we understand the outrage you must have felt.

A community member called "Localhost" together with our moderators has kindly provided a temporary fix that you could have use while we were preparing a formal decision.

Fortunately, we've already identified and fixed the bug, which is not a deliberate sabotage as some of the gaming media had suspected. The bug was discovered by Pavel when he ran an old build of the game along with the new build - it turned out that he was trying to add to the game some code that was supposed to solve the piracy and DRM issues.

As Pavel explains: "bug was related to self-checks that which I tried to invent myself to prevent the game from being pirated and modded".

After all the recent speculation in the gaming media, you can believe or not believe in our words. However, we take full responsibility for that we had almost no connection with the community. Perhaps if we did otherwise, the judgment of the community and gaming media would not be so negative.

Although, it was interesting to read various conspiracy theories about the deliberate sabotage of the game, especially when the authors of these theories openly state that they didn't even bother to contact Oovee about this. This confirms once again that only the the Oovee's statements on the game website or forum should be considered as truth.

We would like to thank the moderators and community members who have supported us in these difficult times: your actions have not gone unnoticed.

And now it's time to move on to something more positive...

In the depths of the dark forests, swampy lakes (or big dark whirlpools) we were worked hard and finally ready to proudly announce that SpinTires will be released on next-generation consoles - Xbox One and PS4, in the first quarters of 2017.

If you're not a fan of consoles, don't worry, we have good news for PC fans of the game as well: soon we will increase the development team of the PC version of the game! It may take a little time to figure this out, but work is already begin and in the next few months you will hear more information about the console port and new updates for PC version.

Thank you so much for your continued support, love and inspiration.

Zane Saxton and the Oovee team.
As Zane himself has said, you can believe or not believe in the developers words, but in any case, this is all the information we have. By the way, on our website you can find cool mods for SpinTires, each of which was carefully checked for viruses and is available for download completely for free and without registration.

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