SpinTires: Pavel vs Oovee

SpinTires crashed
The continuation of the heartbreaking story about the struggle of the main developer of SpinTires, Pavel Zagrebelny, and game publisher Oovee Games. As you may know, Pavel has long and very actively clashed with Oovee, mostly about getting the money earned for his work. According to the statements of Pavel the company Oovee always not very actively wanted to communicate with him and discuss the game. Two years ago, in December 2014, the conflict has flashed with new force, it came even to serviceability of the health of the game. However, thath time everything worked out.

And here we are again, the conflict between the developer and the publishers have flared up now. In previous article we already told you about that recently all players are faced with constant crashes of SpinTires. The game simply refused to work more than a few minutes. Players quickly found a critical bug that caused the game to crash. It all looked very suspicious, and part of the community concluded that the error was added to the code specifically. Of course, the only person who could do it is the main (and only) game developer - Pavel Zagrebelny. With a clear purpose (if the bug is really implemented) to revenge Oovee for years of neglect and breaching of contract.

Due to the fact that SpinTires wasn't actually functional, it was removed from the Steam store. But not for long. Oovee has released a fix and went to the community with simple apologies. They hasn't dropped a word about the conflict with the main developer of the game. However, comments like "PPP Please Pay Pavel" say that Oovee failed to cheat players.

Officially, both sides deny everything, stating that the error arose by itself. However, judging by how Oovee's staff delete Pavel's posts on the SpinTires forum (actually cutting him off from communication with most of the community and depriving him of the opportunity to defend his position) and how Pavel himself speaks of his British "partners", we can safely say that this whole story began clearly by no accident and doesn't end yet.

We will monitor the situation and announce any new information as it becomes available.

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 2016-03-04 03:56:05

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