New SpinTires update teaser

Teaser of the new SpinTires update
After the recent bug problems with SpinTires the developers seems to forgot about the big update, work on which was conducted since the end of December. They may forgot, but now they remembered, and again took the update over the development. Testing starts at next week, and now they shared information about some upcoming changes that we going to like. But the major change added in this new update, is the built-in Steam Controller support.

However, this time the developers were quite stingy on the information, promising that the full list of changes will be available for viewing only with the testing begins. In the meantime, here is a small list of updates:

New drive shafts.

Now drive shafts of the transport in the game will look much more realistic:

Old driveshaft
Old driveshaft.
New driveshaft
New driveshaft.
Visual Navigation Support.

Support for visual navigation Support for visual navigation Support for visual navigation
New Ural 375.

Ural 375 - perspective Ural 375 - beach view
Blockposts and checkpoints.

Moving along The dead end
Suzies for trailers

air hose air hose
Terrain indirect lighting occlusion

Lighting before
Lighting before
Lighting after
Lighting after
Updated shading

Shading before
Shading before
Shading after
Shading after
The new bridge

Old bridge
Old bridge
New bridge
New bridge
Alas, this is all the information about new SpinTires update we have. But don't worry, next week will be available the full changelog of the update, so don't forget to look at our website to see a detailed changelog of the update.

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 2016-03-11 09:43:41

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