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While the developers hopefully are working hard on the promised port of SpinTires on next-generation consoles, our team decided to please you with a bit of secrets that should help you in SpinTires.

The following tips will help you to understand one simple truth: in SpinTires there are no hopeless situations! These advices are most useful when playing in the Simulator mode, however, for arcade players, they also will not be in vain. So, let's proceed.

Some basic tips:

  • Haven't enough patency? Try to lower first gear. It should help.
  • Heavily damaged car stalls? Again, lower the gear!
  • When using the winch it's better to stand with drive wheels on a solid surface at an angle to a free scat.
  • By turning off FWD you will save about a half the fuel consumption.
  • A little tip for single player: it's more profitable to move on two machines - the main and towed. In this way you will save both time and fuel.
  • On the road to the sawmill it's much more profitable to move with installed crane. If you lose a few logs, it'll be much easier to collect and put them back.

Tips for crane or manipulator:

  • Micro-guide on how to transfer the logs between the players: press the "V" button switch to control, aim on other player's logs (highlighted in white) then press the black button. If the second player confirms the transfer, the log will become your. This way your friend, for example, can help you to put back your scattered logs.
  • Beware of the following bug: when loading your partner, using the "arrow bakc" command until it is fully loaded with logs, will cause all the logs fall down, straight through his vehicle.

Try not to roll over:

  • Driveng with a pole trailer, you should be very careful to use reverse. Push it too long and you'll immediately roll over.
  • When you move and realize that you start to roll over, you can try use stops.
  • Another, albeit not entirely logical, way to stay on four wheels in such situation is try to turn the wheel in the direction opposite the one you roll to.

"I'm stuck. What to do?"

  • Remember one very important thing: if your car stuck in the mud or water and not moving, it begins to slowly sink. So after half a minute it will be much harder to get out.
  • If you are stuck with a trailer, try to unhook it, then get out of the mud, at least for a couple of meters, then pull it with a winch.
  • The winch doesn't work? Try to pull the winch with acceleration.
We hope we helped you solve your problems with the game SpinTires. By the way, is not the only such article on our website. Check out our section about maps for SpinTires, where you'll find a great many beautiful new maps, which means and tests for your truck!

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