Spintires will send knead the mud of China

Spintires will send the mud of China to knead
Developed by Oovee Games continues to implement the development of a simulator of an SUV. This time in Spintires, we will travel by truck through the mud of China, carrying rice and other cargo.

The game thus acquired the new name of the addition China Adventure, which will be able to send players to the swamps of East Asia. Developers note the launch of DLC on Steam by reducing the price by 80%.

Spintires MudRunner in China
China's expansion offers us two new areas. The first is a village that is exactly modeled on Wuxu-Foshan Park, and the second is the canyons of China, the inspiration was Dushanzi. Traveling to new places, we will transport both rice and steel industrial pipes, and use three fresh trucks

In addition, the game received an update with bug fixes and optimization. Now it rains less often in Spintires, and vignetting does not interfere at night.

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