The difference from SpinTires MudRunne

Differences in SpinTires MudRunner

Spintires or Spintires MudRunner - which one is better

What did the developers add in Spintires MudRunner? In this article you’ll learn about the improvements of the new game and if it’s any better than the original Spintires.

Differences in SpinTires MudRunner
  1. You can finally change the view and look from the inside of the cabin.
  2. Steering animation.
  3. Each vehicle now has a dashboard with all the necessary instrumentations.
  4. Now there are 9 maps in the game, all of which have been reworked and improved.
  5. Enhanced graphics.
  6. New game engine that increases realism even more.
  7. New missions with achievements.
  8. Vehicle interaction with the world is more realistic.
  9. New vehicles. Now there is a total of 19 cars in the game.
  10. Weather conditions.
  11. You can now save your progress in multiplayer.
  12. Vehicles will spawn randomly on the map every time you load into the game.
Differences in SpinTires MudRunner
All of this makes Spintires MudRunner significantly better than the previous game.

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