TOP 5 mods for Skyrim

TOP 5 mods for Skyrim
Today we will give You a selection of the most interesting modifications for the game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. These modifications don't change the graphics component of the game, but the gameplay, making the game more fun and give it replayability, and purely from an aesthetic side with these mods much nicer to play, because the game becomes much more realistic and varied. So in the article fashion recommended to anyone who wants to refresh their feelings from the game or just make their game better. Enhoy your read.

Alternative Start - Another Life

Alternative start - live another life. This mod for those, who wants to make their game more diverse right from the start. Modification starts near great godess Mara, where she asks you, how will your journey start, what is only you to decide. Do you want to go to Helgen and meet Anduin like standart prologue of Skyrim; do you want to be a bandit in backwoods, do you want to be the necromancer or vampire in your concealment - all roads are open to you, you can start however you decide.

The game begins near the statue of Mara The statue of Mara in close Choosing a new life
It gives you the choise to skip prologue, that you have seen before, meaning attack of the dragon on Helgen, and dive deeper in Skyrim's athmosphere and play your chosen role. You can chose only once, so be careful - it will affect your future walkthrough. Mod is easy to handle, you just need to talk to godess statue and go to sleep. You will wake up in your new life.

Download the mod "Alternate Start - Live another life"

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival. Frostfall is another gameplay modification that segnificantly changes your game experience. It's another step to complete realism and atmospheric gameplay. modification touches few aspects, most important of it is cold. Now Skyrim is the cold place, and not only on mountains. Mod adds  temperature system to the game which is affected by different factors. For example, in hot areas of the game scorching sun цwill decrease your stats, if you don't take a break in shadow or in refreshing lake. But don't try to dive in northen seas, which are covered with ice. Now before climbing the mountains, you need to think about your equipment, because cold will be killing you, if your clothes aren't warm enough.

Mod's survival tips What causes frostbite in the game Thanks to the mod, you can put up a tent
So game will analyze the heating capacity of your clothes, and there are portable tents that made by this mod. People of northen areas will wear fur coats and people of south areas will wear hooded cloaks. Different "warming" or "heating" food will increase your chanses to survive and your presence in Skyrim will help you adapting to such a cold climate. Near every source of heat you can warm up, and in third-person view you will see how your character pulls hands to the fire and crouches by the bonfire. In general, frotfall - indeed that mod, that will allow you to "dive into Skyrim's world".

Download mod "Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival"

Vilja in Skyrim

Vilja in Skyrim. Vilja is the mod, that adds amazing follower in your game. Volja's story begins yet at times of Oblivion's crysis, because originally this mod was for The Elder Scrolls - Oblivion. Valja was your follower in there during all game, and when she meets you in Skyrim, she recognizes you and for help in one delicate business. Modification adds a lot of questsб wherein the play of Vilja and other characters, which you meet during your adventure. Vilja is really smart companion, her developers said that even they don't know what to espect from her sometimes.

Vilja knows how to kindle a fire Vilja loves to drink How drink makes her look
Hard to count all Vilja's abilities: she's always commentates your actions, she can talk to other characters, she has her favorite places in the game, which she can show you and more. If you take both Vilja and Lydia, they will talk to each other and even sing together during your journey. But if Vilja gets tired of Lydia, she can ask you to continue your travel without her. Also, if your're ignoring her main quest, she can argue with you and demand to do her quest as well and SHE will lead you. And when you're acting silent, she will speak in a whisper and ask you to keep focused, or you can be spotted. In conclution, it's very interesting to travel with Vilja and she can completely change your feel of the game.

Download the mod "Vilja in Skyrim"

SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators

SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators. This modification touches animals in game, absolutely changing game's wildlife. Animals now act differently, they go to watering, eat, breed. Many times you will see surrounded by bear cubs, flock of angry wolves (not 2-3 wolves like in "vanilla" version), and in animal's stomach you will find pieces of smaller animals. Bears won't attack you immidietly, they will protect their aria and posterity, like in real life.

Sabretooth eat prey A herd of deer Mammoth with her child
Deer and moose fairly peaceful animals, but leaders of the pack will try to protect it and  can attack you (don't think that it's easy to defeat a deer). This mod makes the game more spectacular, because while crossing the prairie in Skyrim, you gaze at the huge herd of galloping deer and wild horses, and this is difficult to look away. Mod is easy to handle and required to install for everyone.

Download mod "Skytest - Realistic animals and predators"

Realistic Needs and Diseases

Realistic Needs and Diseases. Another atmospheric modification, that adds new mechanics to Skyrim's gameplay. As mod's title says, new needs and diseases will appear in your game. Your hero will suffer from hunger if you don't feed him, so his stats will run low. Also he will want to sleep, and if you go fighting hungry and sleepy - you will have really small chanse of winning. Drought is also existing in the game from now on. To make it balanced, mod adds some new drinks, meals and palces to sleep.

The settings menu of the mod. Needs The settings menu of the mod. Alcohol and disease The settings menu of the mod. Spoilage of food
Can't argue, it's pretty atmospheric. Now your hero will have breakfast, lunch, dinner, break a tent or seek refuge for the night. In other case he will get weaker and weaker, before he dies. Hunger have 5 stages and at every stage game will notify you about it, so be careful. And don't try to eat too much! It won't end up good for your hero. And yes, in this mod you can get drunk as well.

Download the mod "Realistic needs and diseases"

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