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Recently,  the American Truck Simulator trailer appeared on the internet - video the new game from SCS Software. This game continues the ideas of the most popular game of the series - Euro Truck Simulator 2, which occurred in Central Europe. The new part takes place in the USA that is clear from the name, with all the consequences. European landscapes and cities will be replaced by american ones, as are the trucks.

American Truck Simulator Trailer

Below You are presented a trailer shown at E3 2015

American Truck Simulator teaser seems to take place in the United States. American Truck Simulator Teaser shows us how a big step in graphics made the game - and it's really huge. California landscapes in the game are staggering in its beauty and refinement. In the background you can see pedestrians going for their business and even doing skydive. Also you can see a number of brands of American trucks in the trailer, such as Freightliner and others. The game now has steppes and deserts, offers an unforgettable night raids overlooking the cliffs and quarries of Western America. Also in the trailer definitely lit up Las Vegas, and this means that the developers obviously will constantly expand the in-game world, map of the game will become bigger and bigger over time. Again, the American Truck Simulator trailer  demonstrates the sunny beaches of California, which can not but rejoice.

American Truck Simulator gameplay

Below You can see the video "American Truck Simulator gameplay".

American Truck Simulator will have a large number of innovations, which, in the words of SCS Software, make the game the best they had developed. American Truck Simulator gameplay  is going to be even more realistic than in ETS 2 as you can see in the video. In fact, our expectations from the game is quite high, and we hope that you might share them.

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 2015-07-31 10:11:28

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