Kenworth W900 is almost ready!

Kenworth W900
Powerful truck Kenworth W900 is almost ready and will be added to American Truck Simulator in the next few days.

Kenworth W900 soon will be add to the game
The developers admit that the Kenworth W900, actually, the very first truck for ATS, over which they began to work over two years ago. And it was in the final stages of development for a very long time.

Kenworth W900 - a real American classic
The guys from SCS Software were reasonably sure that this classic truck will be very well received by fans. However, unexpectedly for them, Kenworth W900 was not the best choice for the trucks starter pack in the game, and all because of protracted negotiations on the license. The truck manufacturers are very much concerned about their image, and Kenworth had some different plans for a release version of ATS, wanting to add their T680 first. So the developers had to leave almost ready W900 and start to work on T680 - all for the coveted licenses.

Kenworth W900 - interior
Meanwhile, we remind you that the developers owe us some information about the Steampunk DLC update. And here they are, the news. Automatic mailing worked on full for a few days and 53 thousands of users have already got the DLC, but there are still 110 of thousands of players, and the developers faced some technical problems. The developers ask for patience - they assure that all owners of the game will soon receive the promised DLC.

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 2016-02-12 10:04:45

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