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American Truck Simulator
Release of an American Truck Simulator will be held simultaneously in digital and retail version 3 February 2016. However, this is no longer the news - hope release date is already noted in bold red circle on your calendar.

To assert themselves during the release week, to get to the very top of sales charts and impress the entire gaming press, developers decided to make the sales spike on the game immediately after the start of sales. And to achieve this they rely on their loyal gaming community. And here at SCS Gaming the idea of a small bonus for their fans.

The point is this: go to the American Truck Simulator in Steam and click on "Follow". This way you will be able to get the latest and most important news about the game through the Steam Friend Activity, right up to the release of the game.

Having the largest possible number of players in their system, the developers hope to achieve the effect of "snowball" during the pre-release period - not just among hardcore fans of the game, but among the rest of the gaming community.

As a bonus for this, each user will receive an exclusive gift: a unique set of steampunk aerography for your truck. You can buy the game in any convenient way, to get gift you just need to be a "follower" of the corresponding page in Steam and activate your game through Steam. If these simple conditions are met, you will immediately receive the promised gift.

Here are a couple of screenshots in order to warm up your appetite:

Steampunk bonus #1 Steampunk bonus #2
Like all true fans of the series, with great impatience and hope we wait the release of this future masterpiece of the genre simulators of transportation.

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 2016-01-11 10:48:21

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