New State in ATS: Welcome to Wyoming

New State in ATS: Welcome to Wyoming
Recently, the developers from SCS Software rolled out the release of the next DLC for the American Truck Simulator game. The next state on an already rather big map will be Wyoming. The land of rocky mountains, endless prairies, countless national parks and bison. There are not many cities here, and the distances between them are occupied by fields of crops and farms. It is agricultural products that we will have to deliver throughout the United States.

According to the developers, new customer companies will appear in the supplement. Among their products will be:
  • hay,
  • cattle,
  • fruit,
  • vegetables,
  • frozen meat.
Therefore, we are uncovering our refrigerators, preparing to conquer the MidWest.

But this state is known not only for agriculture. There are also many mines, sawmills and various plants producing steel, coal, timber and other goods. For example, uranium is mined in Wyoming. I wonder if its transportation will be realized in the future, or will we limit ourselves to the delivery of natural gas for now?

The sights of the state were also not ignored. According to the developers, a lot of observation points will appear on the map. Where they will be located has not yet been revealed, but we can say with confidence that we will see the famous Yellowstone Falls, Devil's Tower and the highest mountain in the state of Grannett Peak. There will no doubt be the national natural parks for which Wyoming is famous.

Another innovation will be the maintenance of the depot. Wyoming is famous for its train tracks. Their length is one of the largest in America and all this splendor must be maintained by delivering rails, sleepers and even the locomotives themselves to the state. That is, there will be more traffic with oversized cargo, which cannot but rejoice.

Most likely, it is heavy and oversized cargo that will become the most popular with players after the release of the DLC. This is due to the recently released update 1.40, in which the developers have finally added a reinforced chassis with a wheel arrangement of 8 by 6 and the same, but with a lifting axle. Recall that earlier such bases could only be used by installing the appropriate mods. Now the need for them disappears, as well as in the mods for realistic lighting. The game now has support for full HDR. The light from headlights and other sources has become more saturated, but at the same time it is limited in space. Simply put, now the headlights of your truck will not illuminate half of the state, but will only snatch out the section of the highway ahead, as it should be in real life.

Well, we are looking forward to the new addition, and you can support the developers right now by adding the DLC to your Steam wishlist.

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