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American Truck Simulator
Guys from SCS Software is still hard at work on American Truck Simulator: California, carefully setting it to a Shine and polishing the content and game features. You could be seen a small amount of posted screenshots, but the developers have decided to please us with a couple of great panoramic photos of the game world.

American Truck Simulator - highway panorama
The developers admit that their work on American Truck Simulator: California in the "finishing up" stage lasts for much longer than they had hoped.

American Truck Simulator - city panorama
According to them, the main problem is that they try to do everything, every little detail, for players. Euro Truck Simulator 2 was a huge success for SCS Software and they believe that they in any case should not abandon it, moreover, should only improve it, achieving a new, higher level of quality. The work on American Truck Simulator: California is a chance to cross the ocean and bring happiness to more people from the global community of fans of truck sims. At the same time, developers realize that they need to go further, developing complementary projects that are incorporated into the World of Trucks.

American Truck Simulator - countryside highway panorama
SCS Software add a lot of opportunities for the gaming community, along with other infrastructure that can help create a huge game universe in the genre of simulation of transportation that has a really extensive multiplayer. Also, the developers are going to add to the game more different vehicles, in addition to conventional tractors, so the work is still on the development of alternative gameplay and integrating it into the existing system. At the same time, it is also necessary to update the graphics technology used in the game. There are many things in the game engine, which should be improve and optimize. To do this, while trying not to cause too much harm to existing game modes, which is not easy.

American Truck Simulator - road junction panorama
Given the fact that not so great the team of SCS Software have to work all at the same time, you can quite understand so long developing American Truck Simulator: California. The company has already increased its staff to 50 employees, since the release of Euro Truck Simulator 2. The team, developing content, working separately, but the team of programmers one and all of these people, through trial and error, doing everything they can to improve their test and release system.

The confessions of developers, they often feel that taking one step forward, they have to do two years ago, but they are stubborn and are convinced that eventually they will be able to put into practice all what they have already started to work. In their opinion, the main thing as a player, and themselves, it's the quality. That is why they often have to adjust their plans and release schedule to remain true to this principle and iron to finish the new piece of the puzzle, called American Truck Simulator: California.

American Truck Simulator - desert panorama
The developers promise that very soon will be put into operation the new features of World of Trucks (which we have already told you in a previous article), and the first release related to American Truck Simulator is not far off. And of course, the team working on Euro Truck Simulator 2, also will not cause us to miss next year. We can only wait for future releases!

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