First look at the new map for BeamNG Drive

The Italy map for BeamNG Drive
As you probably know at the moment, the developers of BeamNG Drive are actively engaged in creating a new map for their project. A new map will be called Italy and in this article we will tell you about it!

Let's start with the most important - the size of the future map. At the moment the planned size of the map is about 4 x 4 kilometers, but it still may change due to many factors. Also, the map will be an island. Developers have many different ideas about what form to give to this island. By the way, check out the visial size of the map:

The scale of Italy map for BeamNG Drive
In addition to the size and shape of the map, equally important is what will be on it: cities, forests, roads, rocks, sand and so on. It's not so easy to decide where to position the various landscape elements so that they harmoniously with each other and the map was enjoyable to play. As you can see in the screenshots, the developers initially were many different options of how to fll their map:

Scheme of the Italy map for BeamNG Drive Options of the Italy map for BeamNG Drive
In addition, developers decided to use special high quality textures of ground and rocks. Exactly the same textures were used on the Utah map.

The entire Italy map for BeamNG Drive
Looks impressive, isn't it?
At the moment, the developers are working hard on the development, improvement and testing of a variety of vegetation and its location on the map. This process, of course, is not as interesting as the development of the landscape (at least it seems so to man who far from computer games development). However, you can safely say that it is no less important. Anyway, see what they got:

Vegetation on the Italy map for BeamNG Drive
Also, developers have changed the way vegetation was shading, making it far more realistic than we have seen before in BeamNG Drive. Further work to improve models of plants and their shading allowed us to obtain a huge set of fractal trees of high quality:

Trees on the Italy map for BeamNG Drive
And, of course, we could not ignore the stunningly stylish and atmospheric concept arts of the new map. Just take a look at this great artist's work, based on which the designers recreate the brand new Italy map for BeamNG Drive.

Concept art of the Italy map for BeamNG Drive Another concept art of the Italy map for BeamNG Drive
Follow the news on our website so you'll never miss the release of the Italy map and the emergence of a new cool mods for BeamNG Drive. You can download them absolutely for free and without registration.

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 2016-06-17 10:05:40

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