Be sure to play some BeamNG Drive

Be sure to try BeamNG Drive
Many people do not know about wonderful and interesting game and throw it out of focus, very unreasonably. The main feature of the game is the realistic physics behavior of vehicles and detailed maps. Collisions and damage are staggering in their realism - the details of the body break down and crumple like in real life - strong collision can turn your car into an accordion or a piece of bent metal. All implemented, thanks to the revolutionary engine, Torque 3D, which calculates the deformation of each element of the model of your car.

Realistic damage in BeamNG Drive
In addition - the game easily and quickly modified, which opens up the possibility for modeling of different road situations and realistic passing routes using a variety of existing car brands. For example you can visually see and feel what will become of your BMW X5 or Audi A8 after a collision at full speed with a bump on the freeway or to know how these machines will be winding rural track or a challenging mountain trail. The variety and realism of landscapes and maps - one of the main features of this game, and it is implemented is truly magnificent! Also in the game there are other vehicles such as airplanes and motorcycles, making it even more diverse.

Car crash in BeamNG Drive
In fact, the game is a virtual sandbox to test the behavior of different cars. And that makes it very interesting and exciting! Who doesn't want to ever see how will be broken his favorite car, take off his glasses, off the bumper and break out of the wheel as the car from the sudden movements of the steering wheel is turned and flies into the oncoming lane, smashing into the barrier or gliding long on the roof? I think many people would like for once to see it, and without any economic consequences for yourself) And now you have the chance! Play BeamNG drive and try! And you will know exactly what you should never do in real life and something to fear on the road, because the physics in the game first.

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 2015-11-10 07:06:36

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