Update to BeamNG Drive

Update for BeamNG Drive
November 17 was published a new version of the game BeamNG Drive - Recall that the game is under active development, but is available for purchase in early access. The game is known for its free world and a unique physical model, as well as ample opportunities for modding and extra models. This time the changes are not too ambitious, but no less important. Basically they concerned a total revision of vehicles, optimization of gaming locations, corrections in the physical model, Refine the user interface and fixes game bugs.

Police in BeamNG Drive
Changes in transportation: Barstow of the new model optimized model of deformation, improved behavior on the road, the model of destruction of glass became more realistic, improved emulation engine. The Moonhawk corrected distribution transmission, automatic option and three-stage manual, as well as an improved model of deformation and shock absorption. In the model SBR4 optimized downforce wing. Also made minor changes to the model Roamer, Bolide, Covet, Pigeon, Sunburst, Pessima, 200BX, T-Series, Grand Marshal and H-Series, mainly associated with the physical model.

Cars in BeamNG Drive
Modified game levels: in Gridmap improved performance, adjusted color and lighting. In Rock Island Jungle improved texture of the vegetation, corrected the color of the ocean. In most cards fixed minor bugs. Added force start the game in 32-bit version for systems with low memory (less than 3.7 Gb) and when running Lavasoft on Windows 8.1. Added logging of reasons why a 64-bit version cannot be launched by the launcher. Changes made to the user interface: increased speed of switching vehicles, fixed incorrect application name in the editor mode, fixed tooltips, re-enabled double click in the selector vehicles, fixed cursor.

Also fixed some bugs: improved speed of loading mods fixed bugs with empty slot the camera fixed out of memory error starting the launcher if there are Unicode characters in the address bar.

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 2015-11-20 06:29:10

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